Series- Can You Date The Publication of This Old Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce Visitor Map- The Cape Ann Trail? Entire Map Part V

If you haven’t got it yet I can say without a doubt there is a clue on this page.

FOB Frank Ciolino brought down this old Visitor’s Guide map and I’ll be posting a different neighborhood photo each day this week.  Look for clues to tell you when you think it was first published.



  • 1930? Looks like it with the bathing suits the women were wearing at the beach.


  • The copyright date is in the lower right corner–1930, but this must be a later issue?


    • Five Pound Island is on the map and they didn’t start building the State Pier till 1937 so it has to be before then.


  • Route 121 was changed to Rte 133 at some point. I tried to research it, and only saw a reference to the 1920’s some time. I think that may be the clue, but I don’t have the answer for sure.



  • I think it is a composition on a old tourist map of the 20-30 then reused with red mark highlights in the mid-50s-60’s time frame. Does not show the fish pier that coverered over five pound, notes the flake fish racks that were all over the water front and the gill net drying racks that stopped being used in the 60’s with the introduction of man made fibers. We use to dry all nets because if the natyual fiber twines used in making them, that was replaced with cotton tarred the, nylon then ,then poly.So the exact date is puzzling.


  • So what about rt 128? 1953 for the run to Grant citrcle via Senator A. Piatt Andrews Bridge. 1959 for the extension run to Main St. So how about between those two years.


  • I’m now rethinking. The native american and the pilgrim are engaging a “High Five” in the upper left corner. So this gets us to 1977!!


    • That’s a riot Bob – “High Five” – you forgot about Daniel Boone tv series or F Troop 65-67 ” How ! We”re the Hackawi”s .


  • I’m in suspense!


  • On the route 121 on map this was a State assigned numbering system in 1922 even numbers ran East – West Odd N-S . in 1926 the system was changed and reasigned State route numbers so routes 101-142 had been assigned to Odd ran East – West and even North – South. so 133 came about then.So when was the map Print ? most likely before 1926.


  • I thought the Rte 128 bridge was built after WW2. 1948-50?


  • Cant Be exact but it was some time in 1930 that my Grandfather Mons H Osterberg drew it We still have the original


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