Look at all the Buds!

I am glued to my office hour upon hour editing footage for butterfly film as well as photographs for upcoming lectures, though longing to get out and photograph on this gorgeous day. My goal is to have all accomplished before the garden design season is full underway. Fortunately I have our sweet dog and cat to keep me company and they are curled up in their individual and jealously-guarded-chairs. Making work even more enjoyable is the epiphyllum, which is in full, intoxicatingly fragrant, bloom.

Happy Gorgeous Day!

Epiphyllum ~ I am unable to share the name of this species because it was obtained without an identifying tag from a plant sale.


  • Beautiful, Kim. I’ve never seen a pink one. Mine has white flowers, which are a (fleeting) miracle when they bloom.


  • I have the gorgeous white Epiphyllum oxypetalutum–although wonderfully fragrant–it only blooms very late at night and for a few short hours. My shocking pink throws many buds and the flowers stay open for an entire day. You are welcome to have a cutting.


  • It has its own little fireworks display in the middle! Very festive!!


  • Hi Kim, wish you were in Australia, because I would love to get a cutting of your epi!! It is truly stunning. If you ever find out the name I would love to know it, as I am an epiphyllum addict, and just can’t seem to resist getting yet another one (and pink is my favourite colour)!


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