Series- Can You Date The Publication of This Old Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce Visitor Map- The Cape Ann Trail? West Gloucester and Magnolia Part III


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8 Responses to Series- Can You Date The Publication of This Old Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce Visitor Map- The Cape Ann Trail? West Gloucester and Magnolia Part III

  1. Kim Smith says:

    The charming illustrations and graphics make me think it is from the early 1930′s??

  2. Allison Sigrist says:

    I have a copy of this I found in a box of my mother’s stuff from the summers she worked at the North Shore Music Theater as publicity assistant. (funny you should be publishing it – I had been thinking I should scan it and send it to you). That was in 1957 and 58. I just went and dug that copy out, so I’m cheating if I say. I won’t say much more, except that the map was in use for a long time by the time my mother bought it.

    She also marked hers up with ballpoint pen notes about points of interest.

  3. Reggie says:

    I would guess 1953 – 1955 judging by my recolection of route 128 opening about 1952.

  4. Imagine life without 128?

  5. judy says:

    Guessing 1935. Route 128 came in the 60s; the granite railway left in the 40s.

  6. Allison Sigrist says:

    I didn’t think about the references to 128 until after posting…a quick google dates the extension of 128 through Gloucester at 1953 ( It’s possible that the chamber used a quaint old map for a new publication – or it was originally published in the ’30′s and then updated yearly as roads were added – which I think is supported by the fact the newer roadways are in red and appear like they were added in later.

    I had been thinking it would be fun to frame my copy, except that all the text on the back describing all the features of interest to tourists is also too interesting to cover up.

  7. Kim Smith says:

    I wonder if the Chamber would consider reissuing the map with the original graphics and any updates needed?

  8. Joe T. says:

    The 128 and “round about” would date it about Mid 50′s to early 60′s. The Bridge was built in the late 40′s The date finished is on a plate on bridge 51-53 . In hazy memories I remember seeing these maps at the old vistor center on boulevard ,our playground, years ago. Also use to dive of the Fisherman’s statue for money tourist off busses would throw over the railing into the water and we would dive off the wall over the rocks at high tides then go across the cstreet to an Greek nowned small store for penny candy and a coke or pepsi. Also we use to travel to Boston on the 127 route till they finished construction to get to route one from 128 in Peabody. Life was a little slower then.

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