Anybody excited to see somethin happenin in the old office supply store?

You may have noticed they’ve been putting new windows in the old office supply building on Pleasant Street over the past couple months, but did anybody notice all the folks in there taking down ceiling tiles this morning??

Well…. BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: Art Haven signed a lease for the space at 11 Pleasant Street last Friday and is going to be EXPANDING to have high school and adult programming at the new space! Kids from the RAYS program were there this morning starting the first step of development: taking down ceiling tiles. Work is underway, and the planned open date is EARLY MAY with studios for rent, an art materials thrift store, classroom space, and a multi-use room for all kinds of events!

If you’d like to know more or even want to help out, you can call the Main St. studio at (978) 283-3888 or email (Or just stop in and say hi!


  • Black Swan Beth

    FANTASTIC! Rock on people of Art Haven, rock on! 🙂


  • My best wishes to Art Haven. It truly is a wonderful place for our young people to enrich their minds as well as display the heritage that their loved ones have given them. A little bit of history on this Browns Mall.
    It was originally called William C. Brown Department store, and it filled most of the basement first and second floors. The basement was the original appliance department, and it was also the coffee and sandwich counter. William G. Brown was also a former Mayor of Gloucester, The level where Art Haven is going to be was if I remember right was the Fabric & Household items as well as bedding materials. If one could stand at the stairs , about where William G. Browns picture hung, you could close your eyes and in deep though ine can hear the air rushing through the building , just like it did years ago when a sales slip and money would travel through the tubes to b credited to th persons account

    If you go out the door and go to the little area in back , one could again put themselves in Santa’s Village which was there years ago.I can remember going next store going to the Salvation Army to get clothes and shoes to wear. I can also remember the Western Union Office run by Mr & Mrs Teddy Costa.or the Elks up the street where many Christmas Parties were put on for us kids at the time. The Bell family were the main contributers to the children of those days
    That being said I would urge the young people to someday take a tour of Gloucester City Hall . The Heritage that exists in this building is great. We must not let it be lost. I urge people to visit what I call the Mayors Gallory,and City Councilors . I also urge the city to put these most important pictures in proper respect and to fix and repair those that need it.
    Art comes to reality through the vision of youth, which is inherited by the wisdom that we as mentors pass on to them. I urge all youth to get a proper education, and most off all as the great James Abbott said to me that he wanted the scholorships that he left behind , to give youth a colledge education so that they would return that knowledge , that Goucester could grow for generations to come.

    William G. Brown then and now

    By Peter A. Todd 07/27/2010

    Looking back on my streets of memories
    Main streets William G. Browns comes to my mind
    A department store filled with numberless goods
    Some of which in today’s Gloucester are hard to find
    It’s. here in the Savory Skillet through my soul I can hear
    The coins and bills as they shot through the tubes
    Or the shouts of happiness as the end of the day drew near
    The approach of each sales person one could not elude
    From the Television and Appliences at the bottom stairs
    To the woman’s clothing and changing rooms
    The stores Holiday final sales and parties too
    Parents searching for wedding presents for the first of June
    That was then and this is the now
    A Mall with many trades and professions
    From the Savory Skillet to Wilkins Insurance
    Many stores from children toys to beauties perfection
    This is the building of Gloucester’s heritage passed
    That has been reborn by a family of Gloucester Pride
    From William G. Brown through the Montagnino’s renewed
    The great inheritance of the past still abides


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