Baby Clare Represents!

The youngest to ever hold the stickah is my Clare Ryan.  Clare is a week old and is my 3rd beautiful girl. An interesting fact is that her first public event out was Bikini Speedo Dodgeball. She is thankful for the players that shielded her from dodgeballs that flew into the crowd. From the way she held on to the stickah you can tell she already loves GMG.

I am open to any tips from mom and dads out there of 3 or more girls!

Thanks – Patrick Ryan

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12 Responses to Baby Clare Represents!

  1. oh, cannot stand how cute she is… love her name, as far as daughters, we have four girls, they range in age from 36 to 30… lots of stories..

  2. Paul Martin says:

    I am a dad of three girls 13 18 20 you will have lots of love in your family

  3. Loriilene says:

    thrice as nice…1 shes so cute!!!!!

  4. pattie goulart says:

    good luck , you will always have them close by

  5. Elaine Marie Lapointe says:

    OMG. So cute.

  6. Nancy Kell says:

    She is beautiful!!! The Kell house had 3 girls and it was……hmmmmmmm, how should I put it….dramatic, loud, some days long and teary, most days uncontrolable laughter and I wouldn’t trade one single day of it. Enjoy!!!!!

  7. Sista Felicia says:

    Congradulations! She is beautiful….You are very blessed… A daughter is a daughter for the rest of your life …and a son is a son util he takes a wife…..

  8. Anonymous says:

    This is sooooo awesome, Patrick. super funny. congrats to you and Jeannine again. Happy to help anytime. Just around the corner!

  9. girls! I only had two! Does not matter!I can tell they are loved, and beautiful!and mine too! ENJOY!

  10. patrickr says:

    Thanks everyone! We are very blessed to have another girl and looking forward to the adventure!

  11. I have 4 boys. I don’t think I can HELP.

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