CBS Boston Covers TheGMG/Farm Bar and Grille Bikini Speedo Dodgeball Tournament And Huge Props Go Out!

Huge huge props to the players, the sponsors, the SPECTATORS, the Farm staff, to , to our photographers the Rabbit, Kim Smith, Donna Ardizzoni, Craig Kimberley and David Cox, to media coverage from Fox News, CBS and Desi Smith from The Gloucester Daily Times, to my boy Frankie Gwynne, fantastic organizer Rebecca Linquata, Ryan Cox, Noah Goldstein, THE MAN Matty K on the music and someone that worked somewhat silently throughout the whole day and deserves a lot of recognition as well, Brad Atkinson who made sure everything was handled professionally operations wise.

Honestly everyone worked in concert and without one single element of that whole equation the event wouldn’t have been half of what it was. The whole thing just spiraled toward the sky with positive energy throughout the day with the fans feeding off of the music feeding off of the players feeding off the smoothness of the awesome Farm Staff feeding off the backing by the sponsors feeding off Bill from Next Step who as the head of that organization steps up to the mike and proceeds to tear away his sweats to belt out the National Anthem wearing nothing but his speedo and tie.

Good on all of you who came out and supported it- each and every one of you played a major role in its success!

(anyone know if that cameraman from Fox got laid?)


click on the pic to check out the CBS Boston website-



These are the organizations who sponsored teams- Mamies Kitchen Muffin Tops, Passports Canadian Bacon, Good Morning Gloucester Rubber Rippers, Sugar Magnolias Team Shameless, The Farm Bar and Grill Ass with Class, Saving Private Ryan and Wood, North Shore Cross Fit Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle, , Ed Collard’s House Doctor’s Blinded By the White, Jungle Silkscreening Jungle Fever, Beverly Athletic Club Kiss Our BACsides, another Farm Team Swiss Farmy Knives, Maestranzi Brothers Red, White and Blue Balls, Muffy White Organizing and Manchester Athletic Club Hot Mess, Christina Sanchez’ Dirty Dodgers, Cape Ann brewing Nacho Libre, Cross Fit Cape Ann With Two Teams- Buns and Guns and Power Snatch, Dog Bar’ American Bacon and  Beach Gourmet’s Not In The Face


  • As Ed stated, this puts “Fun” back in fundraiser.. lots of fun


  • I totally agree, Donna, it was so much fun! Hope your leg isn’t hurting today. Mine still smarts a bit from one whack that I took, but it was all worth it.

    Thanks to Joey and all he mentioned for putting this event on and supporting it for such a great cause. I’ll bet next year will be even bigger!! Yeah!! Can’t wait to see all the pics and vids.


  • Several people got together????? Please homie that was a event for the ages…Everyone donated time, money, energy, food, shirts, beverages and left nothing on the field..I don’t shoot a ton of events or just post up hundreds of free images for anyone. Great event, great cause, unbelievable venue and energy, lots of it. Mad love to my people in this life…..”Rabbit approves two paws up”


  • It was a super fun event….and lets face it folks….Ed knows how to have fun!!…he still is having fun today…driving proudly through the city with his trophy! Woot! Woot..Blinded by The White!


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