Video- Mr Bentley From Bikini Speedo Dodgeball Squad "Ass With Class" Is Giving Back To The Littles, Tourney Rules and Brackets

Rules of the 2012 bikini/speedo Dodgeball tournament

All 5 team members will start by lining up against the back of their side of the court,
5 balls will be distributed across the center line (2 large kickball style balls, and 3
smaller “stingers”)

On the ref’s whistle, teams can race to the center to claim the balls; those who get balls
must retreat to the back wall again before throwing their first ball. Balls thrown before
that will not count.

Balls that bit the ground first or the side of the court are dead, and do not count for outs if
they then hit a player.

If a player is holding a ball, they can use it to block other balls thrown at them.

If you are hit by a ball or your throw is caught cleanly by a member of the opposite team,
you are out, and must immediately stand in the side court area in the order you were hit.

If a player catches a ball, one player from their team who is already out in the side court
area can come back in the game. (follow the order of outs, the first one who was out is
the first back in, etc.)

No head hunting. Balls thrown at the face will not count as outs and the thrower will be

Balls that fly out of the court will be retrieved and returned to the side of the court where
they went out of bounds.

Once all 5 players from a team are out, the match is over.

This is a great event for a great cause… have fun!!



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