Looking for a Chrysalis

I am looking for a Black Swallowtail chrysalis to film. The last generation of the previous summer’s Black Swallowtail caterpillars spends the winter in their chrysalis form. Often times the winter chrysalis is woody brown, not green. The late season caterpillar may pupate under the eaves of a house, along a porch or deck rail, or on a fence. I am hoping that amongst all the many GMG readers, someone has a brown Black Swallowtail chrysalis in their garden.

Black Swallowtail chrysalis, green form

There are several distributors from where butterfly and moth chrysalis may be purchased, but I would prefer to film a Cape Ann specimen in its natural habitat (or at least a Black Swallowtail chyrsalis from the New England area). Please let me know if you think you have the brown form of the Black Swallowtail chrysalis. THANK YOU!!!

Black Swallowtail chrysalis, brown form–image courtesy Google image search


  • I’m so amazed at the architecture of this construction. Otherworldly. I wonder what the tensile strength of that thread might be. Thanks for sharing so much information. I do believe I saw black swallowtail at the bath house at Crane Beach when I worked there. The damp sand out back was a re-hydrating station after I’d washed the floor. Fascinating!


  • What a wonderful site…thank you,,,Peg Shea,,Rockport


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