Greg Bover Represents! In California


Hey Joey,

Here I am on a ranch up in the hills above Palo Alto; that’s San Francisco Bay in the background. It was seventy today.

I’m here with my crew removing an organ we made in 1987 for a gentleman who built a concert hall as an addition to his house. He was a great guy, we had good times while working here, but he died a couple of years ago. His widow asked C. B. Fisk, Inc. to find a good home for the instrument, and we did. The three-manual, 45 stop organ, with 2,838 pipes, will be going to Indiana University, which has one of the finest organ departments in the country. But first we have to dismantle it completely, pack all 15 tons of it with great care into two 53 foot moving vans and then ship it to Bloomington. About a month’s work for six of us.  Some time next year when IU finishes modifications to Alumni Hall, we’ll put it all back together again. (I have a great job.)

There’s more info about the organ and a portrait at

Regards, Greg


  • Yes, you have a great job! And thanks for your quotes on GMG. I like reading the background stories along with the quotes. Enjoy the California sunshine.


  • Fifteen tons!! I’ve unloaded a freight car of horse feed containing 16 tons so I can imagine how much that really is. It’s a lot. And I could drop my hundred pound bags of feed since they were not ornately carved wood. Quite a few readers here could equate it to a boat load of fish. That’s a lot of fish. Or 500 totes of lobster. Or 60,000 bags of Gummi Bears or 45,385 Rubber Ducks, or …


  • Yes you do! Not a bad place to spend the last month of winter here.


  • Three manuals and 45 stops! Quite a large organ for a residence. Having this week removed “only” 2 manuals and 7 ranks of Wurlitzer theater organ from a performing arts center in New Jersey, to be restored in our shop in Attleboro, then returned to them, I can attest that my back still aches! As I’m sure Greg will agree, those of us who have chosen the King of Instruments as our profession, whether followers of Robert Hope Jones or Charles Brenton Fisk, can be sure that our daily lives will be filled with music and very heavy things!

    Tim Holloran
    GHP Associates


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