Mamie’s Muffin Tops Brings The Trash Talk To Bikini Speedo Dodgeball Calling Out Muffy White’s Hot Mess

Alicia DeWolfe Team Captain of Mamie’s Kitchen Muffin Tops Bikini Speedo Dodgeball Has Some harsh words For Muffy White Who Gets No Respect From Alicia-

Alicia writes-

Hey Joey!
You wanted us to do some trash talking but with a name like Muffy and the team called Hot Mess…Need I say more?

Just like Patches O’Houlian says "If you want to have dodgeball victory, you have to grab it by its haunches and you gotta hump it into submission!"
See you on the field!
"Mamies Top Muffin"

Looks Like there will be no love lost between these two squads on the Dodgeball Court!

While at Mamie’s Kitchen yesterday for breakfast we were stopped by fans of GMG who had travelled up from Connecticut to go to Mamie’s Kitchen based on my recommendation.  I was heading for the can and these three lovely ladies stopped me and asked ‘Are you Joey?”  After replying yes, they told me how they loved the blog and were at mamie’s because of me.  Sweet!  I lost the piece of paper with their names on it Sad smile


You know how I love to spread the love to people who support our fun events so here’s a couple pictures from Mamie’s Kitchen killer breakfast joint across from St Ann’s Church and behind where Savour Wine and Cheese and Beach Gourmet Catering will be.

Also check out Muffy White  of Muffy White’s Hot Mess Bikini Speedo Dodgeball Fame organizing’s website here-


Check Out The 2012 Speedo Bikini Dodgeball Facebook Page Here and Like it!

There is also controversy with Alicia’s husband reportedly abandoning Alicia in favor of the Cross Fit Cape Ann Buns and Guns Squad.  Betrayal!  If you don’t think we’re going to align these teams up to face each other you’re crazy. That ought to make for an awkward Sunday dinner table!


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