Haddock? Yeah The Testaverde’s Midnight Sun’s Got That!

For all the negativity you read about the fishing industry here’s a family that’s always done it right and continues the tradition of being at the top of the list. Classy, strong, hard working Gloucester fishermen. 20,000 down the hole and 15,000 on deck. 

Boom!  That just happened!

Video tomorrow.




  • Hi Joey Looking at the pics the fish on deck look like they haven’t been ripped and gutted. We were never able to land fish before like that has something changed?

    Just wondering


  • Elaine Marie Lapointe

    OMG. Look at all the fish. Yeah, I always said they were a good crew. Well, that’s what I was told. Good for them. I have much respect for this crew.


  • So the MONEY FISH are still around! How’s about showing what happens when they’re sold and landed. What’s the price, nowadays? How much profit does the market get, vs the Boat? Is the crew still paid by shares? and if so, what’s the Boat’s shares vs the Crew shares? Any “shack”? When the fish are cleaned, does the “waste’ get to Ann Malloy’s Neptune’s Harvest? Good to see GLO’s still shakin’…”Splain!!… so a 5th grader can understand it.


    • Fishing is still alive and doing OK Expenses are very high so boats have to find way to keep cost in line.Still make a broker or two once and a while.When the fish is so close as they are now ,just a hour and a half from gloucester,we some time pick up extra guys to help with cut,gut and wash fish, then steam back outside harbor to finish. Remember we are running short crews to get by. Guts are washed overboard to be broken down naturely.Price can be all over the place as high as 3.00 lb to .60 cents. The share base is used the Italian lay is long gone,we use the 50/50 after expenses are taken off.Far better than other ports.Shack disappeared many years ago.We invested in fishing as our fathers,grandfather and greatgrandfathers did it is in the blood.


  • Awesome! Yaaaaaaaay! Keep it coming love this schtuff!


  • It’s a beautiful sight to see the ocean’s bounty like that, caught just a few miles off Gloucester. Congratulations to Capt. Tom Testeverde, Jr., his Dad, and the F/V Midnight Sun crew. All that haddock looked better still after they had top-iced it here at Cape Pond Ice to assure its quality.


  • Just to be sure it is said, “Guts”, “Gurry”, “Offal” whatever you want to all it, is not garbage. As long as it is fresh it enters the food chain. Scavengers live to clean the floor. Lobsters! Bottom feeders, Lobster, crabs, Monk, etc need to eat too. It a way, it is recaptured again for our Lobster economy. Very “Green”.


  • Ruthmary Estabrook

    Hey I have been searching to find a friend of mine from years and years ago. He is one of the Gloucester Testeverdes They used to live on the pier or near it from what I remember. He was in the coast guard and military .com has him as retired with no further information. David Testeverde is his name. my name is CPT Ruthmary Estabrook USAR if possble can you have him email me at ruthmary.estabrook@gmail.com I am living in Florida now but originally from MA . I am the godmother to some of he and Rosa’s children and thought it was about time we compare pictures of kids now that they are grown mostly.. I just am fearful that he is no longer with us and we lost touch. Anyhow would appreciate it . Thank you


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