Savour Wine and Cheese and Beach Gourmet New Location First Look

John Lamirande Gives Good Morning Gloucester The Inside Scoop On What Will Be Happening At The Former Connors Pharmacy Location


  • I offer you a little bit of lookback on this siteand its area. When I was a kid shining shoes this was called Andrews Fruit, which later became Andrews Lunch , across the street on the corner was a First National Store, and next to that was Mondello’s Shoe Repair. I believe Cape Ann Laundry was where the new sites parking lot is. and where Mamie’s Kitchen is , were Pleasant St. Cafe , Corner Kitchen , and many more. My Aunt Millie owned the Corner Kitchen twice. It also was once owned by Ron Texiera , and I believe orginally by a Mr.Carr. Greely’s Funeral Home was next to where the Yellow Sub is , and My Aunt & Uncle Millie & Pete also at one time had Higgin’s Candy Store. Where Sheedy Park is , was the Babson School.
    If I am remembering right also where Mamies Kitchen building is , used to be Dolly Grey’s Used Furniture and Antiques. Dr. Cohen’s office was next to where Turner Fish is . of course lets not forget that Higgins in later years became the much missed Holy Cow.My family lived at 104 Pleasant , 106 Pleasant,
    and before that 28 Sargent St, and before that 38 Sargent St, and my first home after returning to Gloucester at age 10 after being a State Ward was 124 Washington St, next to where Dunkin Donuts is now. I was born at 10 rear Cedar St bout fifty feet from the tracks in my grandmothers spare room. Thats why Senator Bruce Tarr calls me the Unofficial Poet of Gloucester . I wish the new Savour Wine & Cheese Gourmet the best . Out of the Ashes has arisen anew, a more improved business that will welcome its customers back along with the new. Forgive me if I got mixed up in my description , but I am looking back 59 years ago


  • Yup, Andrews had Donuts. My great uncles, Bart Whalen and Mayor Sylvester Whalen had the candy and sundry store at the corner of Cedar and Pleasent. How about Ruben’s across from You are writting about before Gloucester Engineering when the “Block” on Cedar St had 8 (?) apartments, “Success” , the “Net & Twine” were manufacturing. When all the area where Cape Ann Rental (Mally’s, Rendezvous) to Washington Street was Rail Freight yards and buildings and an auto dealer or two..The trains were the lifeline to the outside world. Was the Turner’s building built to sell tires out of? The Todd’s were good people. Nobody had 50 cents in those days. But got by.
    Did your Aunt Millie have a problem with her left hand? I was amazed by what she could do with one hand effortlessly.
    I was raised at 5 Cedar St.


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