Julia Garrison Carrying On At The Sarah Elizabeth Shop


Dear Joey,
I love what you do. I’m writing you because you seem to be a more important source of news in Gloucester than any other blog or publication around. Many people have come in to the shop since Kathy posted Isabel Natti’s Sailor’s Valentine telling me that they came because they saw the shop mentioned on "Good Morning Gloucester". There are a lot of people who are inspired by what you do and by your enthusiasm and I want to thank you for sharing it online.
I wanted to let you know that Isabel’s son and her partner Italo asked me to carry on printing her work and my own on the Acorn Press at 5 Whistlestop Mall in Rockport. I am a decorative painter, printmaker and fabric designer and have been using her press to do my work off and on for 12 years. I grew up with her nephew Matt Natti in Lanesville and had been a friend of hers since about 2000. Right now, I’m working on restructuring the business in a way that honors the traditions of her work but also brings it to a contemporary audience. Because I have another career as a set painter for film and television, this is something I do when I’m not busy working. I plan on keeping weekend hours but directing the majority of the business to the web. Her cards and other work are being carried by The Cape Ann Historical Museum Gift Shop, Alexandra’s Bread, Toad Hall Books and Turtle Alley in addition to the Sarah Elizabeth Shop in Rockport and the website http://sarah-elizabeth-shop.com
Isabel’s work continues to be made and block printing in this area has not died with her. The press and shop are an important mainstay of the area that I am determined to keep open one way or another. So please visit the shop again and see what I am trying to do there. I’d appreciate it if people knew the continuation of her story and continued to support this very special, native craft.
This is a photo of me taken by Kathy Chapman 3 weeks ago, about a week after the family gave me the keys. I’m very happy and honored to be given the opportunity to print a very talented woman’s art as well as my own. Thank you to the Natti family for their dedication to the art and to her.
Thanks for all your good work for the community.
Julia Garrison


  • Julia- So happy to hear you’re continuing the tradition. Good Luck!


  • Wonderful News!!!! I will look forward to visiting the shop when I am back home in August & showing my work at the GMG gallery. Great job, Julia – you have amazing energy!


  • Wow, this just made my day! Julia, I saw you at the memorial service for Isabel and meant to say ‘Hi!” I am happy to hear that another artist and Lanesville native will be taking over the Sarah Elizabeth shop in Isabel’s place. My heart sank when I heard that the shop might be closing for good. I wish you much luck and happiness in your new venture. I’ll swing by sometime to say Hi for real!

    Peace and blessings,
    Nate Grace


  • Dear Julia,

    We had 2 wonderful conversations with Isabel in September on our annual Cape Ann vacation. And Italo admired our rented Fiat 500.

    We are so happy to hear that you will carry on the great Folly Cove tradition and we will make a point of stopping by and buying on our next visit.

    Sem C. Sutter & John Q. Easton
    Washington DC


  • julia, you da bomb! smart and beautiful as you are tall, even when you were a lot shorter.

    love, uncle fred


  • Congratulations, Julia!

    Great to see the tradition continue!

    Tim Holloran (Sarah Elizabeth’s son)


  • Julia – Thanks for taking over the press in whatever time you have available. Great to know you are carrying on a great artistic tradition!


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