A Very Cool Story! Keep ‘Em Coming!

Yesterday I asked for submissions of your favorite vintage item: a snapshot along with an explanation about why the item is meaningful to you. In response, Ann Kennedy sent a photo of a portion of her collection of a 40-year correspondence between her mother and grandmother – a letter a week (2,000 in all!). Here’s what she says:

My most beloved old thing is my letter collection–nearly 2000, written over almost 40 years by my mom, to her mom.  We found these when my grandmother passed away in 1979.  The letters are from 1941-1976, one a week, every week.  I post 2 of them per day on my blog.  I love them because they are such a terrific social history, such a good portrayal of my mom and what interested her.  The box shown is about half of the letters.

Ann Kennedy’s collection of correspondence from her mother to her grandmother.

Be sure to check out her blog where she posts the contents of the letters. She’s right — even without a sentimental connection, the letters are fascinating to read as social history. You can find the letters at www.annbkennedy.blogspot.com

PLEASE keep your submissions coming in! I love reading your stories and I need to collect as many as possible for The Roving Home’s upcoming gallery show! Click HERE to submit.


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