Chickity Check It! FOB Lois McNulty’s Got A Book Out!

Carried Away- True Stories From Letter Carriers
Across America

A 128-page paperback book to celebrate letter carriers and our customers. True stories, photos of unusual mailboxes, cartoons. Also check out her blog here


2 copies for $15 FREE SHIPPING!
(reguar price $11.95)
All for Charity
100% of proceeds from the sale of Carried Awayis donated to the Postal Employees’ Relief


  • Thanks for the plug, Joey! Now I have to plug the person who is 99% responsible for the book, my friend Kate Drury. She delivered mail in downtown Amesbury on the same walking route (no truck, in other words) for 17 of her 23 years with the PO. When she retired at the end of 2010, Kate and her husband moved to North Adams, MA. Carried Away was Kate’s idea, and she asked me to help make it a reality, which I was glad to do. Actually, now that I remember it, I thought up the title! We’ve had tons of laughs in collecting stories from letter carriers all over the place, putting the book together, and sharing it with all kinds of people, who usually tell us they get a kick out of reading it. No one has ever asked for their money back! Kate generously included my name on the cover, and I am so proud.


  • I’m retired. I have stories.


  • Long live the US Post Office!! I enjoy the book and have sent it to three friends who work through rain, sleet, wind, and hail.


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