The Last Schooner

Schooner Andrew & Rosalie, Gloucester, circa 1935 Alice M. Curtis/©Fredrik D. Bodin
The last Gloucester-built fishing schooner was the Andrew & Rosalie, which was constructed and launched in 1930 at Burnham’s Railways (in the area now called Harbor Loop). With a 20 foot beam, her deck was 92 feet long and she carried 4,600 square feet of sail. The schooner was renamed American Eagle in 1941 by new owner Captain Ben Pine. In 1984, after 53 years of hard fishing with the Gloucester fleet, she was purchased and rebuilt by Captain John Foss for the passenger trade. Berthed in Rockland, Maine, Schooner American Eagle can be seen in Gloucester every September for the Mayor’s Cup Race, which she’s won eight times.
Schooner American Eagle, Gloucester ©Fredrik D. Bodin
Images printed archivally in my darkroom from the original 6×7 centimeter negatives.
Fredrik D. Bodin
Bodin Historic Photo
82 Main Street
Gloucester, MA 01930


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