St Ann School date mystery

On the Prospect St. side of St. Ann’s School, there is this text on the top of the façade:

Those three dates are interesting. I know why one of them is there (1885 is when the parish was officially founded), but the other two? Does anybody know what their significance is? I’m assuming one may be the foundation of the school (if that came after the parish), but that still leaves one date to account for…


  • I have always wondering that also.


  • The first date is when the Parish was established, the second is when the main building was built and the third is when they added the Prospect St addition.


  • Who remembers when Tyne’s store was on the corner where St. Ann’s parking area/schoolyard is now? Or Andrew’s Donut across the street? Yup- we’re old….


  • It was a small First National Store on the corner and Mondello’s Cobbler Shop was next door (before it moved to its present location on the other side of Pleasant St. and up a bit. Yup – another oldie! Andrew’s Donut also had great hot chocolate after First Friday Mass for all the St. Ann School students. Great memories.


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