Edward Hopper Paintings/Pictures Presentation

This link was sent to me by Catherine Ryan.  Click the picture for the full presentation

Catherine writes-

Hey Joey

Edward Hopper Gloucester

There are more than 80 known titles of Gloucester imagery by Hopper. There is a dynamite range throughout our downtown: several by Flanagans/Our Lady, by the RR, by CAM , by Joan of Arc, throughout the Fort, and by Stacy BLVD





  • Pat Sheedy Conant

    This is wonderful. Thanks so much for making it available. The inclusion of contemporary photos really brings the paintings into the present! Truly enjoyed it!


    • So happy you liked it. I think it’s enjoyable to link to contemporary Gloucester, too. Although, mine are just reference snapshots to supplement the addresses (there are links to true photographs!) For 40 years, historians, curators, artists and photographers have documented Hopper structures side by side with his imagery, or have been inspired by it. Collecting the images in one spot can’t replace looking at art in person– or walking around here– but it is a doorway to a majority of the work that Edward Hopper completed here in Gloucester, MA.


    • Thanks, Pat, I’m glad you liked it. I enjoyed linking to contemporary Gloucester; these are just snapshots to supplement address locations. (There are links at the end to true photographs, not mine!) For decades historians, curators, writers, and artists have documented Edward Hopper places, or structures, side by side with his imagery. Collecting the Gloucester images into one spot on line can’t replace looking at art in person or walking around here, but it’s one powerful entrance.


  • Catherine, that was absolutely fabulous to see. I looked at all the places and paintings done by Hopper. Alot of these places are very familiar to me as I grew up off of Mt. Vernon St., on Ledgemont Ave. Some of the pictures look like they were taken on my parents’ front porch.
    Thank-you for sharing this valuable resource. As a watercolor artist, I have always found inspiration in Hoppers’ work.


    • Thank you for looking so closely, “gloucester artist”–that’s amazing that you can identify them so easily. Your trained eye must help, too. Gloucester continues to be an indisputable wellspring of inspiration and creativity. We are so lucky to be in a GMG age that can harness the web and the community to share stories just like you have here…or in the case of something like Hopper, collect mistakes or identify a building or place, add to what is already known.


  • thanks for sharing the terrific Hopper presentation- it is fun to see the comparison of what was and what is-well, maybe a bit sad in some ways


    • I know what you mean, lament and reverie. Plotting Gloucester Hopper places geographically (rather than by date, or style or medium) revealed a moving portrait of Gloucester in a full way that they hadn’t before. My thoughts turned to houses or landscapes he could have done. Gloucester’s permanence and transience were simultaneous and indistinguishable. In some particular ways, the undertones and lines of Gloucester’s landscape make their memorable way.


  • This is wonderful! But the file is so large that I can’t download it. Any chance of creating 2 – 4 smaller files for easier downloading?


  • What a show! Thank you for that. As a relatively new resident I learned so much and recognized most every home, nook and corner. History is fascinating but when mixed with art, you can’t get any better than that.


  • I believe it may let you download it as a PDF if you have that capability. I will look into breaking it up into smaller chunks; thank you for the feedback. If I can do it, when more of the addresses are discovered, what do you think about breaking them into categories by location?


  • Wow, Catherine, these are so cool. It’s especially wonderful to see the photgraphs alongside the paintings. It gives everything a totally different perpective. What a slideshow!
    I had no idea that Hopper painted so many scenes in Gloucester.
    Thank you so much for sharing these with us.


  • Catherine, I love these. I am now eyeing every street, hoping to glimpse one of the images with an unknown address on a Hopper hunt. Every bend in the road inspires thoughts about possible Hopper composites of our Gloucester architecture and views, or ruminations about how structures may have changed. Thank you for encouraging people to post if they recognize an image or have a Hopper-related anecdote about a particular house, homeowner or scene. Thank you so much for sharing a portion of Gloucester’s rich legacy.


  • Christine Dudley

    Hopper saw both meaning and depth in the otherwise, ordinary. Every random glimpse does nothing less than feed the soul. Many thanks for your efforts.


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