The Infamous “Blaze”

The Infamous “Blaze”

I Have two women in my life who have helped me through some hard times lately. The first is my Beautiful Wife Cathy. Who many know as a great Nurse at the Seacoast Nursing home. And “Blaze” my girlfriend of 3 years.

She almost took down GMG one day. Not on purpose she was just smelling all the rotten fish Joey has hanging around the office. Here’s a few photos My son Paul took of her. Pauls’s best Friend found these Photos on his Camera.


  • OMG Paul–Blaze bears a striking resemblance to Uggie–the sweet and hysterically funny terrier who steals the show in the film The Artists. Tom and I saw it last night–very special movie–GO SEE.


    • Blaze is a “Parsons Terrior” or Jack Russell. she has short legs and short hair. The markings are close. It even has God’s thumbprint on top of it’s head like blaze does. Blaze loves people but doesn’t care too much for other dogs. Even at 10 years old she is still very fast. Sometimes when i take her out at night they’ll be rabbits in the yard. Blaze will chase them around until they take off in the woods. she has’nt caught one yet.
      Our Lazy Blazy is a SWEETHEART.


  • Is that also the Infamous Pond? Ribbit Ribbit


  • Loosing your best buddy is heartbreaking….I personally did not know Blaze, but have lost precious dogs in my lifetime. It’s the worst pain ever. Remember and cherish all the good times you had with your beautiful dog. RIP good buddy. You are missed.


  • So sorry Paul. She was lucky to have had you in her life and Im sure was well loved.


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