Carol Londres Fondly Remembers Gloucester

Hi Marty.

Here are 4 of my photos I had in an album in my Facebook.

I lost my husband Frank in 2006 to Prostate Cancer. He and I used to drive up to Gloucester often from 1983 onward, and eventually bought a condo at Mast Hill.  Enticed by the warm climate and a business venture in Texas, we ended up selling it, as he wanted to help set up a business for some Indian business acquaintances.

I’ve visited Gloucester about 3-4 times since losing him. It is hard to accept and so I use these pictures occasionally to feel I haven’t lost everything.  They obviously are not capturing the beauty your pictures have, but here they are.

I’ve received nightly Good Morning Gloucester for about 3 years I think.  It makes me feel at home.  I was just there at end of April and stayed a couple days at Long Beach but the photos were overly cloudy and only important and nice to me.  I was used to misty foggy morning walks on the beaches, and so will keep those for myself. My son used to come visit us and he loves the area too and I always liked this that my husband took of us peering into the crevices at the sea creatures.

Thank you.

Best of luck and I will continue to enjoy your pictures on GMG.

Best regards,
Carol Londres

Click on image for slide show.


  • Your pictures are beautiful. Your story breaks my heart.


  • Lovely pics and so nice that you shared your story. I too have just memories of this piece of heaven while my husband was alive. Bless you


  • Thank you for sharing your photos. I, too, lost my husband in 2007 (to multiple myeloma). He shared my love of Gloucester and Rockport since our honeymoon here in 1968 and yearly visits after that. It helps to hear others share the same feelings.


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