Once again- Ed Sticks It In My Culo

So the task seemed easy enough to me.

Send my buddy Ed down to What’s Cooking to partake in the free soup and $2 sliders opening day specials for lunch.

While there this morning to get the skinny before anyone else and bring you guys the video owner Brian rambled off a whole litany of soups and chilis packed with meat.

After inhaling a couple of sliders apiece and getting to the soup portion of our lunch I start to eat the soup and lo and behold Ed goes and gets us some vegan soup.

Now for many of you, vegetarian soup may cut it.  But for working men the unwritten rule is that you obviously go for the chicken or beef or chili soup.  What working man in this day and age opts for the vegan soup?


This is not an indictment on the quality food at What’s Cooking mind you, the sliders were fantastic.


You Have Beef Chili and Chicken Veggie w/Rice and You Go Vegan On Me?  Really Ed???

What kind of cruel devious diabolical man are you anyway?

One comment

  • Elaine Marie Lapointe

    Hi Joey, I can’t answer your last question. I do agree though, that was cruel. My God, I have never heard of such cruelty. I don’t know. Some people just have to go with the new trends…LOL… As for me, I’ll stick with the old trends. I agree with you…LOL…


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