• Ed- Where can you get this lamp oil?


  • Ed – where can we purchase this lamp oil? I have a ‘dancing candle’ that needs some.
    thx in advance.


  • Spending summers (as a kid) on a Sebago, ME 100 acre farm with no electricity, no running water and a two seater out-house in the barn (across the road) we developed a great respect and appreciation for kerosene lamps! It also was a great experience – learning how to live sans our regular amenities. I often wonder if folks today would appreciate the peace & interaction achieved from time spent in this type of situation….


  • Ace Hardware in Rockport had it last year. Jay Smith is very aware of the fire hazards relating to oil lamps and stocked this oil. H.A., the farm that I use to go to in Me. had a three-seater!


  • Elaine Marie Lapointe

    Thanks Ed. I’m going to look for this. I burn oil & candles a lot & always have sand in big coffee cans real close by in case anything goes wrong. I guess a fire extinguisher would do the trick. Don’t know why I thought of sand. Well, thanks anyway. It’s good info.


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