• Nice by catch and release! I’m sure the bass was let free. Nevertheless, Al Williams will kill it next year any way before anyone else gets a nice picture like that.

    Nice video, great shots and fun looking fishing.


  • Great job. Very well done.


  • I packed whiting in my high school and college summers. Never thought about the whole process getting from sea to shore. Very interesting footage,,,,Great music too. thanks.


  • Thank you for the comments, The stripper must have been real hungery to get caught .Most of the time they are following us eating any below marketiable size fish that are washed over. Our by-catch levels are between 0.5% and 5 % with a mean avg. of < 3% after 15 year study. On a good set of 10-20,000 lbs there can be no bycatch because whiting will eat anything that fits in their mouth including it,s young if no other food source is around so others stay away from large schools. Eat, grow,spawn and repeat . Avg life cycle -males 4 yearss -Females 8 years.Today we use alot of tech. with electroins ,hydraulics and lots of computers, after over 70 years in the whiting fisheries my family has brought the art to handling large catchs ,top quality and Freshies catchs to the East coast markets


  • A very well done piece and very good photography


  • Well Joey, here I go. I can’t say thanks enough to Capt. Testaverde for making this vid & I also can’t say thanks enough to you for posting it. This has to be the very best video I have ever seen. I’ve been lobestering & love it & you know how I feel about lobstering, but never have I been on any other kind of other boat to watch & help with the process. Watching this is phenomenal. It was almost like being there. I know people who know the crew & speak very highly of them. In parts, it actually, to me, looks like I saw pride in what they were doing. No wonder they love what they are doing. What a beautiful way of life. The vid was also so very nicely made. And I love the music. I could go on & on but I’ll stop here. Personally, this video means a lot to me & it’s not going in my GMG archives. It’s staying right in my inbox because I know I will be watching this again & again. Capt. Testaverde thank you so very much. You have one hell of a crew & you are certainly one hell of a Captain. Joey, again thanks.


  • Thanks for sharing, well done…do more in the future. Great choice on the music!


  • Elaine Marie Lapointe

    Well Joey, here I go. I have never seen such an amazing video. I can’t thank Capt. Testaverde enough for making this video & I can’t thank you enough for posting it. I have been lobstering & truly love it & you know how I feel about lobstering. But I have never been on any other type of boat to watch & help with the process. Watching this, I almost felt like I was there. I know people who talk very highly about the Captain & crew. Now I know why. At one point, to me, it looks like I can actually see a kind of pride in the crew at times. Captain Testaverde did such a great job at filming this & Joey did a great thing posting it. Captain Testaverde thank you so much. You have one hell of a crew there & you are one hell of a Captain. And again Joey, thank you so much for posting this. This means a lot to me. I’m sure I will be going back to this to keep watching it. Guys, you all stay safe. From the heart, Elaine Marie


  • fabulous! after seeing what goes into getting the catch, i am amazed that we aren’t paying more for the fish that we eat.
    is whiting hake? and how long is the season?
    great reference material for future paintings!


    • Whiting is in the Hake family it is the Silver Hake not to be confused with the white Hake, both are mild flaky white flesh and can be used many ways – Fried ,baked, boiled, smoked and grilled, you name it they can be used. aA little history about whiting in Gloucester one year in the 196o’s I remember 6 Million pounds land a one day in June from the Inshore, Midsize fleet and Large offshore fleet. Processed in Gloucester to New York’s Fulton Market.Whiting was caught by Boats From Maine to NewJersey as well by the Forigen Deep Water Fleets.


  • Loved the video…very informative and technically well done.
    Ed Sawicki


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  • just so eveyone knows my brother joe t. put this great video together he has been a captain of three vessels in our family he is very knowledgable in the fishing industry he has taught me a lot .he captured this at its best. great weather ,good fishing ,and a great hard working crew love you brother joe CAPT TOM T.


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