For The Love Of God People


I’m not trying to be cute.  I’m not trying to be funny.

I am begging for your mercy.

There is a search box.

I swear to god on everything I’ve ever held true to me THERE IS A SEARCH BOX ON THIS SITE.




Before you email me to ask if I posted your announcement because you didn’t see it or if there was something that you heard about that might have been on GMG last week, last month or last year.


If you are looking at the nightly feed in your email box because you subscribe just click on any of the titles of the posts  in your email and it will bring you to the blog (GMG), once there or if you are viewing this post on the blog right now, guide your eyes to the right hand column and scroll down from the top until you see the words “SEARCH”

In the box directly to the right of the word “SEARCH” type in your query.  I bet you find what you’re looking for.

I swear it will take you less time to do this search than to type out an entire email to me asking where that particular post is.

For example, say you were interested in finding out about the Awesome art exhibit by Kathy Roberts at Alchemy.

You would go to the search box in the right hand column and type in Kathy Roberts.

and my guess is that any of the posts having to do with Kathy Roberts would come up in chronological order as they have been posted with the newest posts on top, just like the way the blog works.

Thank you for your consideration for my sanity.


  • Hey. “For the Love of God” is Sista Flea’s favorite saying. Eva. Scary.


  • But say I want to find out if rubber duck really ❤ Homie but if I just search for rubber duck I get a hundred articles and if I search for "rubber duck loves homie" I get no hits.

    ps. My mother's favorite saying in this kind of occasion was, "Oh for Pete's sake!"


  • Real Cute, but not funny! ” For Crying Out Loud Will you Kids ever stop” as my Father would say.


  • Its directly above your face! lol….and Paul definitely has a point. 🙂


    • We get between 25 and 35,000 people a day checking GMG out which I am wholly appreciative for our friends who come to be a part of this community thing we’ve created.

      But stop to think about how much email gets sent to me, how many press releases that come in in some strange format which I make web or blog friendly only to get an email a day or two later with corrections to the date or something else and then think about how many emails a day of people asking me for restaurant recommendations or camera recommendations, which I’m happy to answer if I have the time.

      But when there is something that can be answered in less time by a simple search on the site, it could cut down me having to perform the search for them and they could get the answers with usually less than 10 or 12 keystrokes.

      I just don’t understand why certain people are so averse to doing searches for things.

      Maybe a poll is in order to help me understand the psyche behind this phenomenon.


  • you will be pleased to know that I used your search box for posts about Wally Maggots! and found some of what i was looking for.


  • obviously only some of us who have taken the time to look know about the Search feature.
    For the visually challenged, maybe you might have to relocate the Search feature towards the top of the GMG page, and increase the font size of “Search GMG Here” and make it in flashing red letters. I’m not trying to be funny – some folks are really visually challenged.


  • Yup! Just keep educating Joey. Digital divide does exist. Patience is the best practice. You are my hero, just keep going!


  • Can you tell me where to find that posting about how to use the search box? Maybe I should email you to find it. 😉


  • Joey,
    I’m a huge fan of your blog & I am always telling my friends about it. However, the tone of your posting is a real turn off. I certainly understand your point of view but the way that you have expressed it is not one that will find the results that you want. Remember your customers come in all shapes & sizes and not everyone has you knowledge of “searching” I agree that maybe you need a vacation or maybe more help with the blog. Good luck.


    • Thank you for your comment Grammy. I believe that most people are aware of searching. Especially ones that have been reading it for years.
      If anything, after reading this I bet you and many others who truly were unaware of searching may now be aware of it and the entire world will be better for it.

      Would you agree that without someone pointing this out, that many people that don’t know about it now will have discovered an invaluable resource?


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