Who makes someone pose like this?


I’m just checking something out online and then I run across this.  Now I ask you, when was the last time someone was about to take your picture, gave you time to think about it and then you went ahead and struck this pose?

Am I alone on an island in my thinking that this is a little ridiculous?  You think this guy has a severely messed up grill and he’s trying to hide his teeth?  Or is this the, “I’m an artist so I’m supposed to look pensive for my portrait look.”

Dude a centimeter and a half to the right and you’re flat out picking boogers. 

I’m just saying.

So if you’re gonna sit down for a photo shoot and some photographer tells you to put your hands up on your face like this just get up and kick him in the nuts.  When he asks why you did it, tell him to wise up and stop trying to make you look like a dope.


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