Rick Kaloust Memorial at Eastern Point

In loving memory of Rick Kaloust (January 14, 1965 ~ January 9, 2012).

Turn! Turn! Turn! (to Everything There is a Season) ~ The Byrds

Dark Side of Dawn ~ Satch Kerans

You and I Will Meet Again ~ Tom Petty

Ave Maria (Franz Schubert) ~ Renée Fleming


  • Kim, Dani, Kurt, Felicia, Paul, and Cowboy thank you so very much for going above and beyond.


    Kim, I’m sure the family is going to be touched beyond words. You’re the best.

    Thank you , thank you, thank you thank you


    • ” touched beyond words” .Kim, this is beautiful. Kim, Dani,Kurt, Felicia, Paul and Cowboy
      This is the most beautiful tribute to my brother Rick. You are all Rick’s family.
      I can’t explain the comfort it brought us and especially my mom and dad knowing you
      were all there celebrating our beloved Rick. You are an amazing group of people
      and we love you all. Thank you to all those who came to celebrate Rick’s life. He would be so proud of his wonderful friends and his awesome Gloucester.

      Donna and the entire Kaloust family


    • This is nothing short of amazingly beautiful. What a tribute!


    • Joey,
      Thanks to you and “The Team”, although I do not know all of them, I am still very grateful for all their efforts in making a beautiful tribute to my brother-in-law. Rick was surely smiling down on you all as you froze your buns off!!! My parents were so moved by the loving and funny words spoken. (“My Dad was moved”….. I don’t say that phrase often!! ). All of the elements: the people, the beautiful wreath Felicia made, the flag and having Sach play came together perfectly. I so wish we could have been there with you! Finally, a big thank you to Kim for capturing it all! Just simply beautiful.

      With love and appreciation,
      Nikki Kaloust


      • Satch,
        Ricky and all of the Kalousts use to love watching you play. Me too! How befitting that you were able to one more time for Rick! I bet you felt him beside you, as he usually made his way to you!



  • It was truly a beautiful tribute to Ricky the music especially Ave Maria just gripped me. Hearing the words from all his friends he truly was a remarkable, loving, giving friend, brother, son. Kim the opening picture of the video captured Ricky his beautiful smile and happy ways, Your video was so touching. thankyou to Dani, Kurt, Felicia, Paul and Cowboy. And to my son Joey thankyou for sharing this on GMG. The sign from the Lighthouse was beautiful and Felicia the wreath was beautiful as well.
    Joey and Felicia’s mom


    • Dear Pat, Donna, Anonymous, and Joey,

      Thank you for your kind words. Although never having met Rick, after hearing all the songs of praise at the memorial, he sounds like a loving brother, son, and friend, and one who will be sorely missed. The sunlight dancing on the water alongside the floating rose felt like Rick’s spirit shining brightly.

      I meant to include the Latin translation to the prayer of Schubert’s beautiful Ave Maria ~

      Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee;
      blessed art thou amongst women,
      and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.
      Holy Mary, Mother of God,
      pray for us sinners now
      and at the hour of our death.


  • Kim this is wonderful! Poignant and touching. Murph, Andrew, Joey and everyone did a fantastic job. I feel blessed to have been a part of this moving tribute to Rick’s life.

    Satch Kerans


  • Thank you Satch. It was good to meet you. Thank you for singing You and I will Meet Again at the memorial, and for the suggestion of adding the original recording of it to the track in case of wind problems with the audio, which of course there were. Because the wind drowned out your singing, I looked for an appropriate song of yours; I think the melody and (much of) the lyrics from Dark of Side of Dawn fit beautifully. As you can imagine, there was no way to synch your performance of Meet Again with TP’s recording-I am very glad to know you are okay with all this.


  • Kim, your work is inspiring. I look forward to meeting you this summer. It has been about two weeks from my brother Rick’s passing. I just found the strength to watch your video again. That day was amazing and my family is so fortunate that you captured it for us.

    I can’t express enough how touched I am by those of you that participated in celebrating my brother’s life. We as a family were blessed with so many caring people around us, its hard for me to fully comprehend why. Regardless, I will never forget your compassion.

    We love you and thank you all. Derek


    • Dear Derek,

      Thank you for your very kind words. Joey would have so much liked to have been there at the memorial and I was glad to help my friend. I hope to meet you as well this summer.

      I feel I should share with you and your family that I lost my brother several years ago. Although the heartache is always there—that you are able share memories of your brother with each other and with your friends, and provide support to one another is very, very special—and will help beyond measure. My heart goes out to you all.

      Kindest regards, Kim

      P.S. Please let me know if you would you like a cd of the memorial.


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