Did You Know? (Gloucester Cinema)

My sister Judy came to visit yesterday and wanted to go see the movie “War Horse”.  She checked for cinemas nearby where it was playing and lo and behold, it was playing at the Gloucester Cinema.  I never knew there was a first run movie cinema in Gloucester.  I had been by it many times, but never really paid attention and thought it was a car dealership (which apparently it was 20+ years ago).  John Williams (top photo) has owned and operated the cinema for 11 of its 20 years.  Tim Spinney (middle photo) operates the concession stand.  It is a clean, small cinema with 3 screens and a bunch of game things to occupy kids before the movie.  It is on Essex Ave next to the Causeway, where we went after for the some of their great clam and fish chowder, salads and a seafood platter which barely got touched, although it was fresh and delicious.  I love Cape Ann Cinema with its comfy couches and chairs and intimate livingroom feel, but it is great to know there is a local cinema to see movies like “War Horse”, which was a beautiful, thrilling, tear jerking movie by Steven Spielberg.  If you haven’t seen it, you should – bring kleenex.  Does anyone know the name of the War Horse in the movie?  Hint: he is name after our fearless leader.

E.J. Lefavour


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