Gloucester Art Fashion Wave Hits Vogue

Good morning Gloucester it is indeed!!

Hi, Joey, thought you might like to know that one of the stellar residents of Gloucester, Charlotte Papp, my granddaughter, the current reigning Miss MA, also a sophomore at Wooster College, was chosen in a Vogue, Italian, contest with rising photo artist, Jacob Benjamin Taylor from West Newbury, MA ( a childhood friend who submitted the photo), among 1,000s of photos—it was chosen to appear in the latest Vogue picks on line. Charlotte also heads her Heart Foundation, helping to support children in need of greater heart health. Charlotte also reigned among other honors as Miss RI also! Her great heart and inner beauty reign supreme with her talents in art, sports, modeling and journalism, a very accomplished young lady on the rise in the International scene.

Please vote and urge all in Gloucester to vote for their own to further chances to appear in the worldwide edition soon coming of Vogue that would feature these native MA residents!!!! Always the best and first waves in art and fashion to hit the shore are from Gloucester!!! Go Charlotte and Benjamin with great Congratulations!!!
Here is the link:

Thank you so much and a very Happy New Year!
Warmest wishes,
Margaret Rose


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