Eating in Playa del Carmen


At the risk of jinxing us I have to say one of the most pleasant surprises about Playa del Carmen has been the dining experiences.

At every place we’ve eaten be it fancy dinner, casual lunch or breakfast everything has been super fresh and the service SUPERB!

I’d point out a few as highlights but honestly they’ve ALL been highlights!

Lateral for dinner grouper with a a porcini mushroom cream sauce over it topped with lyonnaise potatoes. The juice bar 100% Natural, the place in this picture where they serve your food on your own personal mini-habachi, Sensei Beach Club, Thai dish. Emphasis everywhere on freshness.


  • If you told me that I had to eat breakfast in one country for the rest of my life I would pick Mexico. Did you try the black corn fungus on your huevos rancheros?

    Just googled it: huitlacoche or corn smut. Wish I could find it in the grocery store. That and some green salsa verde on eggs and fresh made tortillas. Nom nom nom.


  • Live love laugh fully my friend….Much love to you and Jilly beans…


  • By the way I found that place many years ago and still love it…


    • Is that why you recommended that factory all inclusive in Cancer with the Mexican broad screaming at you by the pool every ten minutes to play water polo?

      I’ll never be able to go to another all inclusive as long as I live.


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