• Too much information, Joey. Please have a terrific time and keep the posts family friendly . . .


    • Too much information??? Really now?

      You wanna tell me not to put up a picture of a drink menu?

      What in the world is thus country coming to when you get criticized for posting a funny name of a goddamn cocktail??
      This has to be someone messing with me to get my dander up.

      Can someone really be offended by the name of a drink???


  • Liquid Panty Remover sounds like a much more subtle drink.


  • That’s why they listed the drinks in order, a few panty rippers, then sex on the beach…


  • another reason why i always bring along a spare set of y-fronts when i go drinking.


  • As the next beverage is an Isla Mujeres Iced Tea, you are required to visit with Anthony on the Isla!


  • I’m not offended by anything here but it all flies in the face of real cocktails. Mixing various base liquors is not a great idea and any drink that is named after a body part ( with the exception of the “Monkey Gland” ) or a sex act just ain’t right! 😉 Just sayin’


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