Did You Know? (Welcome Signs are So Much Nicer than No Trespassing Signs)

While on a recent walk I decided to take a peek down Dorset Drive, almost across Washington Street from Leonard Street.  The road had always intrigued me because of all the huge rocks you can see lining it on either side.  I have always loved rocks of all shapes and sizes, but especially the huge ancient looking ones.   As I walked down the road, I noticed no houses, only massive rocks and morraine until the road came to a fork and there was a Conservation Land Welcome sign.  I walked past the gate and found a lovely pond, brook, beaver’s dam and more rocks.  For anyone who loves to explore and photograph nature, welcome signs are so much nicer than no trespassing signs.  You’d never know there was conservation land down there unless someone told you or you just wandered in – and now you know.

E.J. Lefavour


  • It is so nice to hear this kind of story about one of Gloucester’s little treasures !


  • What, no google map? 🙂


  • Not all of us explore via GPS coordinates, Joey. Some of us oldtimers just wander around aimlessly and stumble upon things.


  • Hi EJ, I work with the Essex County Greenbelt Association. They recently updated their website, http://www.ecga.org. There are actually 6 properties in Gloucester alone that they conserve. As you point out, many are tucked away but visitors are always welcome. The website also features Google Maps of the properties – http://www.ecga.org/explore_and_engage/properties !


  • I’m thinking we should start at exit 14 with signs on 128 with detailed instructions on how to get there. Maybe we could raise money for some big huge green highway signs with reflective lettering so people won’t get lost on their way to Leonard St. Maybe we could even hold a bonfire keg party up there!

    Who’s with me?

    That area of town is way underutilized 🙂


  • Thanks Brad, that is great info – I found a couple of other closeby Greenbelt properties on the site that I didn’t know existed and will now have to check out on my walkabouts.
    Joey, why do you seem so hellbent and determined to get me kicked out of Annisquam! : )
    Actually, I know its just because you want me to move closer to East Gloucester so you can torment me in person on a more regular basis. LOL


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