Did You Know? (Artists and Photographers Group)

Alice Gardner started a monthly Artists and Photographers Group a couple of months ago.  The group is growing and it is fun.  The first meeting of the New Year will be on January 9, 2012 from 9:00-10:30AM (and meets the 2nd Tuesday of each month) at the Pleasant Street Tea House.  This meeting will be a “Show and Tell” meeting, so join us and bring something you are working on.  The group is open to all artists, and is a great way to meet new people, see old friends, share information and stay connected with other artists, especially during the winter when we tend to become more isolated.

E.J. Lefavour


  • E.J., please. I love you, but come on. It’s beneath your dignity to post – regarding an artists and photographers group – the worst, blurriest, most awful photo seen on GMG in many, many months. Shame, shame….


    • In defense, sometimes you just want to get the vibe across and acknowledge people who showed up despite knot knowing that the only photo you took was blurry because as you get older you don’t really know what you captured till you see it on the larger computer screen but by hat point everyone has disbanded.

      Sometimes the blurry one is better than none at all.


  • Thanks Joey, that’s pretty much what I would have said. I was kind of mortified to put up that photo, but it was what I got and it was better than nothing. Unfortunately, Joey is right, as your eyesight diminishes, you really can’t see what you’ve gotten until you get it up on the big screen, and my camera isn’t great in low light situations. On the reverse side, it should make new photographers who aren’t confident in their ability feel comfortable coming to the the group after seeing that photo.


  • Rats! Wish I had seen this sooner! Blurry picture or not, I would love to join this group! As I sit here drinking my coffee at 10am on Jan. 9, at home…. See you in Feb!

    As for the quality of the picture…who cares?


  • E.J. ~ I agree ~ important thing was to get the ‘message’ out there ~ and sometimes not so good can one attention as well as the fantastic shots that you make more times than not ~ Thanks EJ~ ^_^


  • Thanks Carol. It was a really great group today!
    Lisa, I hope you can make it for February. It is on the 2nd Monday (I made a mistake on the post and wrote Tuesday) of each month at 9:00 am at Pleasant Street Tea in the back room – we go until 10:30, although today we went until 11:00. The group is growing, I think there were 11 of us today, and very energetic, supportive and sharing.


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