The New Camera Gets Camera of the Year from “The Verge”

I’ve been loving the new camera.  As you all know I constantly bang the drum of keeping your equipment on the smaller side so you are more likely to bring it with you.

The Sony NEX-5N to me has been the best compromise of price/size/image quality/build quality/features

Here’s what “The Verge” had to say about it-


The door that Sony cracked open with the NEX-5 has been blown wide open by the NEX-5N. Besides making the body marginally thinner and adding a touchscreen, Sony endowed the NEX-5N with a truly supreme image sensor. Its 16-megapixel CMOS sensor competes with the Nikon D7000 and Canon 60D (each company’s latest and greatest midrange DSLR) for noise performance, while delivering image quality that leaves other mirrorless cameras in the dust. If the NEX-5N had a universal microphone input and a more generous battery, it’d be a formidable DSLR replacement for professionals as well. As it stands, it’s the top choice for any hobbyist looking for the best image-quality-to-camera-size ratio.

I’ve been absolutely loving mine.  Soooo much fun to shoot with.  I highly highly highly recommend this camera for anyone from the person that wants the image quality of a large chunky DSLR in a much smaller form factor.

I’ll say it again though my mantra is if you only own one camera it should be one that you feel comfortable carrying around with you.  This won’t fit in your pants pockets like the Canon Powershot s95/s100 or Sony HX9V but it will blow away their picture quality with it’s larger sensor.

Click here for the shots I’ve taken with mine


Love it!


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