Video- Straightsmouth Island Restoration Project

Joey, Here is a terrific video of the work being done out on Straitsmouth Island and some footage of Bill Lee’s Ocean Reporter going down.I was on board at the time showing the National Geographic film crew around Thacher and we stopped by Straitsmouth for some photos.We got more than we bargained for.

Paul St.Germain
Thacher Island Association


  • Great video! very sad about the Ocean Reporter. she will be missed in Rockport Harbor with the penquin perched on the pilot house.


  • Terrific post! Good to see the restoration on Straightsmouth, and It’s also a great reminder for folks to join the Thacher Island Assoc. if they haven’t already. It does such excellent work to preserve and showcase the integrity of the island and the lights of Thacher I.


  • Thank you for sharing this. There was no boat like the Ocean Reporter. I am glad that Bill Lee will be getting a new boat, but it will take some time for him to get it down to the homey, shirtsleeves rolled up for work quality the Reporter had.


  • Terrible about the boat. Glad everyone was ok . Amazing footage, thank you for capturing and sharing!


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