The boarded-up door to a (missing) fire escape, on the former St. Ann High School.

Efforts are being made to either recuperate this beautiful old building for a good purpose, or to remove it and dedicate the property to something new.  Turns out there are legal issues to work out.  I hope it is saved before it is too late.  The granite and brick work are beautiful, even in decay.


  • I agree with you Fr.Matthew Green, I hope and wish it to be saved before to be late. Your photograph is beautiful. I love old buildings and especially in this colour and with bricks… Thank you, Blessing and Happiness, with my love, nia


  • I agree the building should be preserved. Let’s hope it can be before it is too late. Your photos are wonderful!


  • I’d love to see it preserved – although money is a factor. Maybe an historical preservation grant could save it and then become a community space.


  • Why couldn’t the building be donated to The Grace Center to create a day-center for the homeless and others who need help!


    • Actually, something like that is a real possibility. A lot depends on getting the preexisting legal questions worked out – issues regarding ownership – and then getting the resources to bring the building up to code. Please pray for that to happen!


  • Always thought this was a great building. Wonderful location. Perfect size. Doesn’t the Parish own it? Or the Archdiocese? Cannot believe anyone would want to raise it. There must be a grant out there. Put it on a historical register. Come on you guys – you can do this. SAH ’64


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