Enjoy it Now.

Enjoy it Now. This Iconic Building may be gone in a few weeks. Get out and take your photos of  it before it’s to late.


  • How important and precious photography… Everything can be disappeared but photographs remain…This is sad of course, but the reality sometimes can be so hard… Memories, events, things, people, history, stories,etc. they all captured in one scene… This is great job and I do appreciate what you did and what you are suggesting… I love just for this too photography, nothing to be forgotten… As you can see I am impressed so much and you captured such a nice photographs… One they when some people want to search about this building, they will find your works… Thank you, with my love, nia


  • Yes, it may be iconic, but I happen to to think it is an eyesore. No loss.


  • Good riddance…this is so exciting, can’t wait to see this pile of nasty disappear. The traditionalists must be going nuts. Now, if we can only reverse Main St. as planned, we’ll be getting somewhere.


  • “Iconic Building” ??? burn it, crush it, push it into the sea! this “Iconic Building” should make way for tax dolor’s and jobs for Gloucester.. build condo’s, restaurants, offices just make it something not related to the fishing industry so this are will help improve the future of Gloucester.


  • True. But I am hopeful its replacement will be aesthetically more pleasing and have a more positive impact on the current local economy.


  • while it ain’t a Greek Temple , it had a design that was of an era when the working men and women earned a decent living and had some dignity along with it . They could afford to live in the town they worked in , be part of its fishing culture and industry and take pride in all of it . The building , with its tower and other architectural features suggests that . As the building has deteriorated , so has that that wonderful part of American and Gloucester working class economy . Yes, it is sad .


  • It seems to me that Gloucester often remembers the buildings without remembering what happened in the buildings.
    What was so good about the way the Paint Factory workers were treated?
    Why is there no significant recognition of the contributions of Clarence Birdseye in Gloucester?
    While the Birdseye building may be demolished and few outside of Gloucester will know or care, the impact of Clarence Birdseye on the foods that the entire world eats will live on. Indeed, he made far more impact on the lives of people than anybody else who has lived in Gloucester. And what recognition does he receive? Zero in the Cape Ann Museum and not a square or monument along the waterfront.


  • The “Iconic” Birdseye Building will be remembered by the Old fishermen’s family that lived down The Fort. My Father’s family lived next door. his mother worked there while her husband, son “my father” were out fishing. I agree times have changed and there has to be change. But the Birdseye Tower has been a part of the Gloucester Waterfront for years and will be missed, even by the “we need to have tax revenue people”. I would love to see the tower incorporated in the design of the new building that will replace it. of course just my uneducated opinnion.
    signed, Paul F. Frontiero Jr.


  • I like your opinion Paul. I will miss the tower also.


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