• Hi,

    I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. http://queensincanada.wordpress.com/

    All the best, Jackie Queen


    • Hi Jackie,
      Versatile Blogger Award is an honor, but you need to send the nomination to Joey C. whose blog this is. I’m just one of his many contributors. Love your blog BTW – great photography, as well as the other blogs you nominated, some of which blew me away, especially stuckincustoms and scottishphotography!


  • LOL EJ! Reminds me of a Winnie the Poo we saw heading north last year! White stuffing all over the highway!


  • I was certain that Paul Morrison had posted this!! Ha!!!


  • Linda, I think after being around each other and reading each other’s posts for so long, we start to adopt a little of each other’s personalities, characteristics, sense of humor and interests. Although stuffed road kill is distinctly me, I could see it being Paul too. I was certain Paul Frontiero’s post on the meteors the other day was a Paul Morrison post. Some of Alicia’s post and mine are very similar and on occasion we have posted on the same thing at the same time. Like minds think alike.


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