Good Chinese Take-out

No city or town is complete without a few Chinese restaurants. When I first moved to Gloucester several months ago, I was happy to see a Chinese restaurant right around the corner from my residence at St. Ann’s rectory: Ocean Garden (1 Maplewood Ave. in Gloucester).  According to the employee I spoke to there, Lily Chen, they have been in business for eleven years.  That means that their food and prices are good enough to attract a faithful clientele.

Ocean Garden, 1 Maplewood Ave. Not much to look at, but the take-out is very tasty!

I have ordered meals there several times (most recently this Sunday) and the food has been consistently hot and good, and I have always had friendly service.

Chicken with mixed vegetables and rice

Their wonton soup is just the way I like it, with a very flavorful broth and not-too-thick wontons.  I wolfed it down before I remembered to take a photo…

They are primarily a take-out restaurant, although there is one table where you could sit and eat. They deliver, and if you ask for delivery you might meet this friendly man:

Mike Marshall, one of the delivery men

He and his father Robert Marshall handle the deliveries. As I arrived, Robert was driving away with a delivery in a black SUV with a festive Christmas wreath still on the hood ornament.  Remember, Christmas isn’t over yet! Not until January 9th (at least, in the Catholic Church).

So if you’re looking for a nice hot Chinese meal, this could be a good option.   Lily said their specialty is the combination plate “General Gau’s Chicken”, but she added that some of their most popular dishes are on the appetizer menu – stock favorites like crab rangoon and chicken wings.

Full information about their menu, phone number, etc., is available on their website.


  • Best Chinese on the North Shore, hands down!


  • Elizabeth Parillo

    Totally agree! If you can’t have one of Capt’n Joe’s lobsters, Ocean Garden’s ‘Happy Family’ specialty with pork, shrimp, beef and chicken stir fried with veggies over rice will make everyone smile! Yum! I also heard that they are excellent caterers, making sure everything is abundant and top notch.


  • I’ve been getting takeout at Ocean Garden for several years now. I has always been excellent, and you can’t beat their All Day Combination Plates for value. One of my favorites is #C11 – Double Sauteed Pork with fried rice and an egg roll. It’d priced at $8.50 for dinner and is more than enough for two hungry people.


  • Great job on this post FG!


  • I go to the circle most times but I will give this a shot just because Father G said to. How bad could it be?…….LOL. Thanks for the tip FG


  • I LOVE their hot and sour soup == had it for lunch today!


  • I second the love for the hot and sour soup. It’s yummy but I wonder has anyone tried #63 on the menu?
    Strange Flavored Chicken?
    Makes me chuckle everytime I see that.


  • Father, I always celebrate Christmas until February 2nd, the feast of the Presentation of Our Lord…I wear one of my many pair of Christmas socks each day til then! To me, that day is the end of the Christmas season.


  • They are AWESOME. And pros! They even called me back once to double-check my order because I changed up my regular order since my husband wasn’t around. I live right around the corner, and the smell must get them additional sales… mmm…


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