Top Gloucester Stories of 2011- GMG Style

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This morning I was contemplating doing a top ten list of the year’s best stories but it always seems so daunting.

But then I read another list which seemed so damn depressing and it didn’t seem to represent to me at all what the top Gloucester stories of 2011 and once we started putting the list together over The Worlds Greatest Coffee Rolls, Ed and I put this list together.

I should note that the depressing list was the one from the Gloucester Daily Times but God bless the Times and what they do because they have the responsibility of reporting the puss and if they weren’t getting paid to do it who would ever want to?

Here’s the Gloucester Daily times version and the inspiration for the GMG one

(note there are no numbers as they are all of different order of importance for different people) We’ll use letters in no specific order.

I’ll list them and then link to the stories underneath each listing

A) seARTS Effort gets Gloucester Recognized As #3 Small Arts City In The Country

Gloucester Voted #3 Small Arts City In The Country

B) City of Gloucester Under Carolyn Kirk’s Stewardship Once Again Raises Our Bond Rating

From the Gloucester Daily Times-

The Mayor’s Desk: Moving the city forward into the new year

C) The Passing of Joe Garland and Harriett Webster Two Great Lovers of Gloucester

The Joe Garland Tribute Post
In Memorium – Harriet Webster

D) The Removal of Blight and Installation of Community Park From Cape Ann Museum

Cape Ann Museum Pocket Park New Sculpture Photo From Bob Hastings
Cape Ann Museum New Pocket Park Panorama

E) Jim Davis Buys Birdseye and Renews Potential For Growth Downtown

Breaking News!!! Here’s the Official Scoop On The Birdseye Property From Sheree DeLorenzo

F) Bhuddist Monks Liberate Lobsters Fun

Audio We Talk About The Liberated Lobsters On The Bob and Sheri Radio Show In Charlotte

G) Temple Ahavat Achim Opens It’s Doors To the Community

Up On The Roof- Temple Ahavat Achim Views Of Gloucester and Construction Video

H) The Greasy Pole Toppled and Is Being Reconstructed

GMG Greasy Pole Reconstruction Coverage

I) Burnham’s field Community Garden Beautifies the Heart of The City

Burnham’s Field Community Garden Coverage on GMG

J) GMG Takes Home CBS Boston’s Most Valuable Blogger Award (biased, who me?)



  • Great List Joey! It’s nice to see the positive and fun side of Gloucester reflected in the list. Even with the passings of Joe and Harriet, the focus was on the lifetime of good they both did for the community. Happy New Year and may the next year be even better!


  • Great list. There are glass half full people, glass half empty people, then people like you and Ed who fill the glass, add some fresh lemon slices with a dash of vodka and a mint leaf and make a tasty beverage.


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