Contest Cheat Sheet Below ~ gimmesound New Year’s Rockport Eve Giveaway!

We know these were wicked haahd questions this week here are some hints.

Question 1: What was the inspiration for the name New Year’s Rockport Eve?  Hint:  Change port to in

Question 2:  Who wrote  Auld Lang Syne , what does it mean and what language is it in?  Hint:  Go to Google

Question 3: In the Polar Express Movie how many people snuck into Santa’s workshop and accidentally got into Santa’s bag loaded on Santa’s sleigh!  Hint: Ask your kid and it’s one more than you think

Question 4: What used to be in Rockport Harbor that will be again in Gloucester Harbor this summer?  Hint:  It’s under construction now in Gloucester Harbor.  Hint2:

Question 5:  Henri Smith has three friends (he has more than that) who were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and are pioneers of New Orleans music, who are they?  Hint:  2011, 1991, 1986

Click here to ANSWER and WIN! 

Be the first person to submit all five correct answers.  Good Luck!

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