Merry Christmas!

The parish choir (directed by Tom Misuraca) sang before Mass yesterday night, offering a sort of recap of the Christmas concert held earlier in the month.  Here are some highlights.

Unfortunately, in one or two places there is a little bit of feedback in the microphones which mixes with the higher frequencies in the music and makes it sound a little off-pitch, but the choir sounded great.


  • Wow! Totally awesome! I grew up in this church and live out of state now. Really great to see this. Now my Christmas is complete.

    Thank you all you guys from GMG for all your hard work.


  • It was very interesting to see this clip! I haven’t been inside St Ann’s for many years. I was one of the organists there back in the late 70’s, and I can remember Tommy Misuraca being a very young boy and a member of the Boy’s Choir. How times change! Thanks for posting this!!


  • Each year I sit with a rum egg nog and listen to the St. Ann’s Choir. On my phongraph (Vinyl), from the 60’s. I have copies of two years. You can see one copy of the album framed on the wall in the “Goodies” Ice cream shop in Danvers Square.


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