Congrats Donna Ardizzoni ~ Jalapenos $50 Giveaway

Click the picture to watch the video
.  Thank you Jalapenos for sponsoring with weeks giveaway.  It was a lot of fun.  We were surprised at how hard the questions were!  Many creative WRONG answers.  Here are the right ones:

  • Tomatillos are the main ingrediete in the Jalapenos Cilantro Sauce
  • Tables in the dining room are a different height from tables in the bar ~ trick question!
  • Jalapenos is not open for lunch but they are considering it so let them know what you think
  • September 16 is Mexican Independence Day
  • The three types of Tequila and what makes them differnt
    1.  Blanco – unaged
    2.  Repesado – aged for at least 2 months but not more than 12 in oak barrels
    3.  Añejo – aged for a least 1 year in oak barrels

If you have not seen the Lobstah Crackah Ballet you can see it tonight at 7pm.

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