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Bill O’Connor Is “Still Picking!” (No, not his nose)

Bill writes-

Hi Joey,

I can’t believe it’s late December and I’m still picking crops from the garden! I picked this cauliflower on Monday, and  I still have some more that has been hearty enough to survive the few frosty days we’ve had.  It’s not alone out there in the cold either – I have a few mini heads of romaine and one bok choy keeping the cauliflower company!

~Bill O’Connor
North Shore Kid


Rubber Duck Astronomy note: Wicked Waning Crescent Christmas Eve Morning

[Correction Edit] Moonrise 6:55 AM, Sunrise 7:10 AM, (New Moon today at 1:06PM).

First the facts: On Christmas Eve the sun will rise at 7:10 AM but more than an hour earlier, at 5:56 AM, the last wee bit of waning crescent moon (4.2%) will rise in the early twilight. More than an hour [15 minutes!] seems like plenty of time of time for this little upside down fingernail to get up there but it will be extremely thin and vanish before the sun rises. It’s a new moon (really should be called “no moon”) on Christmas so it’s going to be close.

But the weatherman seems to have been wrong about the clouds. They have already cleared out and cooler temps in the morning means clear skies. A quick peek at “The Photographer’s Ephemeris” shows that if one plants themselves on the end of the Pigeon Cove jetty it will rise behind Straitsmouth Lighthouse. If you are down on Eden Road it will rise between the Twin Lights.

What it looked like on Thursday. Pretty thin and that was 10.1% left. Can 4.2 % be photographed?

Rubber Duck Tip: You got suckered into freezing out there on the beach and it’s already 6:30 AM and no moon. Be patient and get your eyes dark adapted. And look around slowly. Look to the left and right but keep attention to your peripheral vision. That’s where your rods and cones in your eye have not been burnt out by watching sunsets and you’ll suddenly see the whisker of a moon. If there is morning haze she might be invisible but that is why a cold Christmas Eve morning helps out.

Joey Quick Tip: use a medium long prime lens and manually open to that highest aperture. 1.8 or less if you got it. If your lens will not focus point it at the furthest light you can see and press the shutter halfway then move to the moon and fire. Better yet, if your camera has manual focus, turn the auto off and focus on infinity. Don’t forget your tripod and don’t breathe.

WOW! Lots of answers but no WINNER YET for Jalapenos $50 package!


Nobody has answered question 1 or 5 correctly yet.  If you missed any of this week’s question, click here.

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Annisquam Soldiers Memorial Wood

While walking through the woods along Lobster Cove in Annisquam on the Washington Street side, I came across this memorial.  I don’t imagine most people have ever seen it, or know that these are memorial woods.  It is a memorial to 3 soldiers – John Gossom, Eric Lingard and Bertram Williams, “who gave their lives for their country in the World War”. 

E.J. Lefavour

My Interview with Isabelle Lafleche on Pink Lemonade

My friend and fellow author Isabelle Lafleche has posted her interview with me on her always super fun and chic blog Pink Lemonade. Isabelle posts the most wonderful high-style photos, garnered from fashion and style publications from all around the globe.

Isabelle’s first novel J’adore New York (Harper Collins) has been published in French, English, and German and is now available in paperback. Isabelle and her fiancé  simply love Cape Ann and are looking to, in the very near future, move from Montreal and Paris to our community! More on Isabelle in a future post.

Isabelle’s Upcoming Novel

Win $50 gimmesound Giveaway from Jalapenos


$50 giveaway from our friends at Jalapenos!  Watch today’s video for the final question.  If you missed any of this week’s question, click here.

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Lots of music tonight, something for everyone.  Get out and PARTY!  see the full list here

Christmas is almost here…

Remember, it doesn’t arrive until the night of the 24th, and then it lasts until January 6th, store decorations and radio playlists notwithstanding.

So, our nativity scene in front of the rectory at St. Ann’s church (part of Holy Family Parish) is still waiting for the arrival of the Baby Jesus. Right now there are flowers in His place.

Community Stuff Friday

Hi Joey,
Long time reader and supporter of Good Morning Gloucester Kris Juncker suggested that I send this to you.  Perhaps you could get this on your web site as a community service and fund raiser for the Boy Scouts.
This runs for the first three Saturdays after Christmas.  I would appreciate your consideration and support in the project.
Thank you very much in advance.
Assistant Scout Master
Troop 20
Roger Carter

Christmas Tree Service

We will take your old Christmas Tree and recycle it for use in local gardens.

Why get pine needles all over your car?

Don’t let your trees dry brittle branches scratch the paint !

Tree pick up on Saturday December 31, January 7, and January 14
Between 8 AM and 2 PM.

Trees must be free of ornaments, lights, and tree stands.
Trees should be put outside prior to our arrival.

A $4 donation will go to support local Boy Scout Troop 20.
Money will be used to go on Scouting trips, outings, and/or equipment.

If you would like us to pick up your tree please call 978-546-9501 with your name, address, telephone number and which day is best to pick up your tree. Or, E-mail with the same information to

Rockport and Gloucester only please.

Cape Ann YMCA 21+ Basketball League Standings

Here are the scores from Wednesday night’s games:

Stones Pub- 57 vs Espressos- 41

Fleet Machine- 66 vs Roberts Catering- 68

Roy Moore Lobster- 72 vs Rockport Mortgage- 60

Audrey’s Flower Shop Last Minute Christmas Gifts

Boxwood Tree

Hi Joey….Just wanted you to know that we are on to the CHRISTMAS COUNTDOWN…— 3 More Days! We have SAME DAY DELIVERY on all Christmas Arrangements, Centerpieces, Boxwood Trees, Poinsettias, Christmas Cactus, Plants, Amaryllis and fresh cut blooms! Starting at $15 on up…THINK FRESH! OR Come on by cause we are FRESH! LOL. Call 978-283-2171 and we will help you complete your Christmas List.

Christmas Centerpiece