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Where’s The Grand Isle Been? We Got The Pics From Gloucester’s Cutter Rebuild At The Coast Guard’s Baltimore Yard

Gloucester’s Coast Guard Cutter The Grand Isle was supposed to go for a simple overhaul lasting 8 weeks down in the Coast Guard’s Baltimore Shipyard.  26 weeks later and a ginormous laundry list of unexpected repairs has the Grand Isle crew eager to get back in the water and home to Gloucester.

Chief, Response Department  Thomas Morkan forwarded these pictures which will show you the repairs to the Grand Isle and the very next picture will be of the same exact position aboard sister ship The Jefferson Island for comparison’s sake.

click the pictures for the larger versions

First Pic Coast Guard Cutter Jefferson Island

Aft Berthing Grand Isle- Racks Removed,Lockers Removed, 25% of Decking Removed

Picture Right- Same Space aboard the Grand Isle During It’s Overhaul



First Pic Engine Room Jefferson Island 28th September,2011

Second Pic Grand Isle Same View


Left Pic Jefferson Island Engine Room Aft View

Right Grand Isle Both MDE’s Removed, Both Generators Removed, Exhaust Removed


Left: Forward Passageway Jefferson Island

Right: Forward Passageway Grand Isle berthing stripped of racks and decking


Left:Jefferson Island Galley

Right: Grand Isle Galley- All Equipment and Storage Removed


Large Pieces Of Hull Plating On Gloucester’s USCG Cutter the Grand Isle Were Replaced One By One To Reduce Chances Of Hull Twist


Both Shafts and Props Were removed.  Aft Steering Stripped (Steering Gear,Battery Chargers, AC System)

In Total More Than 500 Square Feet Of Hull Plating Replaced


All photos courtesy Chief, Response Department  Thomas Morkan.

What many people may not know is that the entire crew of the Grand Isle has been removed from Gloucester and is with the Grand Isle in Baltimore.  When they left they thought they were going for a simple overhaul lasting 8 weeks.  Now going on 26 weeks they are most eager to return to their home port as our Gloucester USCG Cutter, The Grand Isle.

Stay tuned for updates to the overhaul and interviews with the crew, only here on

Eileen and Ollie Bolman Have Some Nice Things To Say

Hi Joey

What a surprise to pick up the Sarasota Herald Tribune and see a picture of the "lobsta" trap tree and a story about Rockland, ME and Jonesport, ME copying Gloucester.

Your name was mentioned…you sure do get around.  Also, loved the cover and story about your beautiful girls in Cape Ann magazine.  We live in Venice, FL for the winter and beautiful Gloucester in the summer so anything from home is appreciated including your daily GMG.

Eileen and Ollie Bolman 

New Year’s Rockport Eve: Volunteer for a GREAT Event!

If you’re not familiar with it, New Year’s Rockport Eve is an amazing event that takes place throughout downtown Rockport with awesome entertainment and activities for all ages, from babies to far-from-babies.

This massive event is organized almost single-handedly by Rockport’s own Claire Franklin, who plans NYRE out of the goodness of her heart and true community spirit. She sent along a message asking for volunteers, which, as she puts it “is the hardest part” of her job. But volunteering for NYRE should be a no-brainer, as you’ll receive a free badge just for helping out! So you can put in some time and then spend the rest of the evening listening to some great tunes before heading to Dock Square for Rockport’s very own ball drop! For more info see below and check back on Good Morning Gloucester next week for a schedule of events and activities taking place on December 31st for New Year’s Rockport Eve:

From Claire:

“The hardest part of my job of organizing New Year’s Rockport Eve each year is finding enough volunteers to help make this night run smoothly.  If you could help in this small way, hopefully this year I can enjoy my holidays with my family a little more.

The night of New Year’s Eve, Sat. Dec 31st I need a pair of greeters at each performance door to check buttons. Also, in Spiran Hall I need volunteers to help in the Coffee Shop from 5:30-11:30pm, to sell buttons and souveniers 5pm-11pm. An finally, I need people to help with the set up 5 pm the night before, Fri. Dec. 30th and to help clean up several of the buildings the morning after, Sun. Jan. 1st at 9am.   Each volunteer that donates two hours receives a free NYRE 2011 admission button.

Please have them email me at or phone (H) 978-546-9038

Makin The Baked Stuffed Shrimp With Sista Felicia On the Gloucester Daily Times Taste of The Times


From the Gloucester Times Taste of The Times-

According to Felicia Ciaramitaro Mohan this dish is “the Highlight of our Christmas Dinner” and guarantees that it will be the “best shrimp you will ever taste.” Unlike many of her recipes, this one is not from her Grandmother but rather from her mother.
What makes it so good? Read below to see.

Baked Stuffed Shrimp With Sista Felicia On the Gloucester Daily Times Taste of The Times

Short Sleeves in December ~ It’s Beginning to look a lot like Christmas — NOT

Get today’s music lineup and our $50 Giveaway Question #4

Have you been paying attention!  $50 giveaway from our friends at Jalapenos!  Watch every day to get all five questions.  If you missed any of this week’s question, click here.  We all love Jalapenos, what a way to start the Holidays with Jalapenos sauces and gift card.

Be the first person to submit all five correct answers on Friday (look for the ANSWER link right under Friday’s video) and win a $30 gift certificate plus 4 jars of Jalapenos signature sauces — just in time for the holidays.

Take time out of your busy schedule and enjoy some great music, see the full list here and pull out those ugly Christmas Sweaters before you go out!

The Bandit Kings are on National XM Radio

Gloucester based band The Bandit Kings debuted Nationally on Sirius XM Satellite Radio on Wednesday, December 21, 2011. The band was recorded live and interviewed for “Having Words with Meg” a new monthly radio series on The Loft hosted by seminal radio DJ Meg Griffin. The show is a new concept, originating from Bang-A-Song Studios (also in Gloucester) and will air again on Friday, December 23 at 3pm (The Bandits episode will air another two times next week—check listings for The Loft Show XM 30). The Gloucester band spoke about the burgeoning music scene on Cape Ann, played songs from their records, and were joined by special guest & co-producer, Dave Mattacks (Fairport Convention, Paul McCartney).

Meg Griffin who is in The Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame spent 25 years on NYC’s rock radio (WNEW FM, KROCK, WFUV) until going National for the past 12 years on Sirius XM Satellite Radio.  She moved from NYC to Gloucester full time 3 years ago and does her daily radio shows from a home studio. The new Bandit Kings CD, Epic Hello, was released in November. The band recently played in Portsmouth, Cambridge, and Vermont and will play Molly Malone’s in Los Angeles on January 19. Collectively they are: Dan King, Ann Marie Shimanoski, Renee Dupuis, Joe Cardoza, and Dennis Monagle, (also known as the weekly house band for The Rhumbline’s Monday Night Open Jamm). “I have been continually wowed by the amount of great music originating here in Gloucester and all over the North Shore of Massachusetts. I am thrilled to get some of these great artists and bands onto national radio on The Loft, Sirius XM 30.” Hear “Having Words With Meg” on Sirius XM’s The Loft (Channel 30) debut with Bandit Kings and Dave Mattacks: Fri December 23, 3pm ET
Check The Loft listings at:
 Current Bands

A Thank You Note from Mark Earley

One more Thursday and That’s all She Wrote.
It’s been a great 3+ year run.
THANK YOU  to  LATITUDE 43  for the residency, and  THANK YOU  to all the Musicians who joined me there to play, and Especially THANK YOU to the friends who came out to enjoy the music. It was sincerely my pleasure.
 12/29/2011 – Yvonne Aubert (vocals and piano ), Thomas M Palance (trumpet),  David Landoni (upright bass) join Mark Earley (saxophones)
Thursdays in the Dining Room at LATITUDE 43° Restaurant, Mark Earley and Friends. ( one last time) 25 Rogers Street
Gloucester, MA .  from 6:30 to 9:00 PM. 978-281-0223

For Kim Smith and her Husband. The Atlantics


Another blast from the past!


The Boston bands you mentioned were playing around town at the same time as my husband’s band, The Atlantics—“Lonelyhearts” was one of their hits. This was around 1976-1982. They toured with Roxy Music and headlined with the Ramones. I never saw his first band play live—I didn’t know him at the time and he’s a bit older than I—and because he was in-between bands when I met him. Was just curious to know if you had seen them play live.”

Yes i do and did see them live a few time. that’so awesome Kim. The Atlantics were one of the popular of that time.

 Which one is he?

thanks again.

Another iPhone App! I’m Addicted!

Joey’s techie advice is always so informative! I love my Nikon, but I’m always looking for more photo apps for my iPhone. This one is Camera+. It’s one of my favorites as it has auto-focus and auto-exposure as well as editing capabilities. You can read about the Camera+ app here.

First Sunrise and Moonrise after the Winter Solstice

The day length today is exactly the same as yesterday. But tomorrow the day will be four seconds longer! Then comes summer.

This morning the waning crescent of the moon was a hands breadth above the horizon before the sun peeked out above the Rockport Breakwater.

Did anyone else leap out of bed at 12:30 AM when solstice occurred?  A huge clap of thunder woke me up then it really started pouring. So surprised to see the stars out when I got up that I had to go take a shot of sunrise.

Lily Tomlin Quote of The Week From Greg Bover

“If truth is beauty, how come no one has their hair done in the library?”
Mary Jean (Lily) Tomlin (1939-     )


Detroit born comedian and actress Tomlin got her first big break in 1969 as a member of Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In where she developed long-running characters such as Ernestine, the telephone operator, and Edith Ann, the wise and plain spoken five-year-old. She went on to create memorable roles in movies including “All of Me”, “Nine to Five” and “Short Cuts.” She was nominated for an Academy Award for her role in Altman’s “Nashville”, and has received numerous awards for her Broadway and recorded work, including four Emmys, a Tony, and a Grammy .

Greg Bover

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