Presents from Present

I spent the weekend with the girlfriends for our annual Girls Only Christmas Party. On the way to the party I made a quick stop at Present on Main Street to pick up their Christmas gifts.  We keep a budget of around $10 each and of course I was able to find the perfect gifts and stay on budget. I picked up each of the girls “Happy Clam” thongs for only $12 from Gloucester Oneseas.  They loved them! They laughed out loud when they opened the clam shell and found what was inside.

Here’s Sara and Dina showing off their presents: 

Merry Christmas!

There really isn’t anything better in life than a happy clam now is there?

About Alicia

Advertising Account Manager, GMG Contributor, Dog Lover, and Vintage Hoarder. Loving life in Gloucester, MA!
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One Response to Presents from Present

  1. Frank says:

    Hey Joey how about a GMG Thong!

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