Christmas Sushi!

Some closeups of the sushi provided by Latitude 43 for the GMG Christmas party last Saturday. It tasted as good as it looks!

This, like all the other food and beverages provided, was fantastic!  And the conversation was even better.  Thanks to everyone for a great time!


  • Hiya Joey.. great party and tip of the cap to Mark M for the sushi platter…he gets it on the giving part.. as for the plunge.. i was wearing a hat .. so i’m not “that” bald guy.. he might be Tim from
    the chamber.. i however made the sillyass commitment to jump in the ocean on newsyears day!
    Can’t wait..
    barry cuda


  • Wowza! Now I’m triply sorry I missed the big party! Between this and the Folly Cove Rum and missing seeing everyone…and all the other food and drink….I knew I’d regret looking at these posts. 🙂



  • Yum! What good eggs and looks like a great time! we wished we could make it, but our two wee bosses had other ideas and lost it and then promptly fell asleep in the car on the way back from shopping. 🙂 They are only wee for such a brief moment! I am a happy slave!


  • Christmas sushi has never looked so good. And I know how Lat43 does it which makes my mouth water even more! Next year I may need to fly in for the GMG Christmas party. Not just for the sushi, but that did help me make the decision! 😉


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