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Rockport Music Hosts a Sing Along with Scrooge

Well, sort of. After the Pageant on Saturday, everyone is welcome to head over to the beautiful Shalin Liu Performance Center to enjoy a sing-along followed by a screening of “A Christmas Carol”. What a great way to close a beautiful tradition!

Here’s the deets:

Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol” and
Holiday Sing-Along
December 17, 7 PM


Enjoy festive holiday cheer with Rockport Music! After the Town of Rockport’s annual Christmas Pageant festivities, continue the celebration at the Shalin Liu Performance Center. Sing classic carols in our first Holiday Sing-Along, then enjoy an exclusive screening of Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol” in the newly restored 1951 version featuring Alastair Sim as Ebenezer Scrooge.


The event is free of charge. There are no advance reservations and tickets are not required.


Artists Invade Willow Rest

After a surprise visit to Annisquam by artist group friends Alice Gardner (organizer), Carol McKenna and Alma McLaughlin, we all went to lunch at my favorite spot on this side of Gloucester, Willow Rest.  Melissa Donati has beautifully re-invigorated the Willow Rest, and provides locals and visitors alike a wonderfully expanded selection of foods and services:

  • Home Style Breakfast & Lunch
  • Fresh Baked Goods
  • Artisanal Cheese and Meats
  • Fresh Produce – Local when in Season
  • Hot and Iced Coffee
  • Prepared Foods
  • Hot from the Brick Oven Focaccia
  • Local Artisan’s Gifts & Crafts

I had the Dogtown sandwich – lemon herbed chicken with baby arugula, roasted peppers, goat cheese, tomato brushetta and extra virgin olive oil.  It was so fresh and delish. 

Melissa is also great about carrying local artists’ creations, including my 2012 Dogtown and Babson Boulder Calendar – not as edible as her Dogtown sandwich, but it will last alot longer.  If you’re traveling along Washington Street, say on the art studio open house tour this weekend, stop in at Willow Rest at 1 Holly Street for a great breakfast or lunch, and check out the wonderful selection of locally crafted gift offerings.  She also has Godiva chocolates and many other delectible treats for special stocking stuffers, or to take over the river and through the woods to grandmother’s house.  For more info, visit

E.J. Lefavour

TONIGHT’S THE NIGHT!!!!! Are You A FOB? GMG Christmas Party December 17th at Bodin Historic Photo

I’m just gonna put this out there that if you consider yourself a FOB you had better show up for our killer First Ever OFFICIAL GMG CHRISTMAS PARTY!!!!!!


Even youse Jews and Buddhas can come by Smile

We’re gonna celebrate it all, Kwanza, spinnin the dradel, all that fun shit!

I’m springing for the Sebastians Pizza, bring a jug of booze or some beer, we will have cups and ice and we’re gonna have a good time.

EJ and Sharon will have their calendars for sale!

I’ll also bring a large stack of the new black Stickas to pass out.

Come eat my food, get a sticka, have a drink and revel in all the good GMG Vibes!

December 17th


Bodin Historic Photo

82 Main Street, Gloucester, MA 01930. (978) 283-2524.

I can’t wait to see everyone at the Christmas Party.

Oh, and for those who are new around here-

FOB=Friend Of the Blog

Shop Local Initiative

Dear Joey,

I thought you might want to hear about a funny coincidence and just one example of how GMG shop local initiative is impacting small businesses.

I found intriguing Paul Morrison’s recent review about the book Moby Duck, written by Donovan Hohn, and thought it would make a great gift for a friend. I placed an order at Toad Hall and stopped in yesterday afternoon to pick up my copy of Moby Duck.  While browsing the books at Toad Hall a woman coincidentally stopped in (Debbie I believe is here name) and asked if they had a copy of Moby Duck. She is a regular reader of GMG and had read about Moby Duck on GMG. Because Paul mentioned in his review that both Toad Hall and The Bookstore of Gloucester had been given a heads up about stocking Moby Duck, she was hoping Toad Hall had a copy. They did have a copy in stock and she purchased a book on the spot!

Shopping local is especially meaningful to booksellers. I know from speaking with my publisher and local booksellers that booksellers are having a very challenging time competing against mail order giants such as Amazon. Some people actually browse a book in a bookshop and then scan the bar code and purchase elsewhere. I am thankful that here on Cape Ann we have not one, but three book shops (including Dogtown Book Shop), and unlike many communities, we have a genuine Main Street. Thanks Joey for all that GMG is doing to help local Cape Ann businesses and artists!

Congrats Rob Shea – Extreme Truck & Auto $50 Gift Certificate Winner!

We want to offer a big congratulations to the winner of the $50 Gift Certificate Giveaway, Rob Shea! We would also like to thank Sean and Stacey Nolan of  Extreme Truck & Auto  for giving away a great prize.

Thanks for playing everyone!

Check out tonight’s music lineup here.

FlashBack GMG Snowy Owl Photos 12/17/2008

FlashBack 2008 GMG Snowy Owl Photos

These were my first photos ever published on the GMG Website on 12/17/2008. I would go down to the State Fish every morning before work to watch the lights of the boats leaving the Harbor.

This one morning in 2008 I saw this Bird which I thought was a seagull with no beak. sitting on a sign post. When I got closer I saw that it was really a Snowy Owl. I rushed home and got my camera thinking it would probably be gone by the time i got back. Luckily it was still there.

I’ve had a recent close encounter with an Owl in my Yard this past Thursday night which I shared with a few special people in my life. It made me think back to this post. When I checked the date that Joey put them up it was 3 years ago today. Kind of Ironic!

All these events i feel have changed my life.

Here is one meaning of seeing an Owl;

In ancient Egyptian, Celtic, and Hindu cultures the symbolic meaning of owl revolved around guardianship of the underworlds, and a protection of the dead.

In this light the owl was ruler of the night and seer of souls. A misunderstanding of this necessary relationship gave the owl some negative associations with death.

It should be clear that the owl was honored as the keeper of spirits who had passed from one plane to another. Often myth indicates the owl accompanying a spirit to the underworld – winging it’s newly freed soul from the physical world into the realm of spirit.

Here are those 12/17/2008 posts;

Go See! The Lobstah Crackah Ballet

All right let me just spell it out for you.

You could buy tickets to Boston’s Nutcracker and spend $40 (if you’re lucky) on parking, $74 for nosebleed seats, per ticket for a family of four and refreshments, say conservatively speaking $50 for a total of $386.  To see something that has absolutely zero relevance to your lives.


Orrrrrrrrrr, you could bring your family to the Annie At Blackburn and see The Lobstah Crackah Ballet performed by locals and featuring a Lobster and my favorites- super crazy menacing seagulls who poop all over the stage along with a whole bevy of other sea creatures.  For a teeny tiny fraction of that price!

We went night before last and Snoop Maddie Mad and The Bean have not stopped talking about it.  It’s a ballet, so know that up front so there are no words but there is a ton of action and unlike The Boston Ballet’s Nutcracker where it costs you $74 for the worst seats in the house PER TICKET you could go to The Lobstah Crackah Ballet for a mere $15 (suggested donation) per ticket.



So again $386 to go see the Nutcracker Ballet in Boston vs $60 to See Seagulls Poop all over the stage at The Annie!!!

I say go with the Poop all the way and that will leave you precisely $326 left over to spend on Christmas presents downtown!

Not to mention that the seating at the Annie puts you on top of the action instead of needing a set of those stupid  mini binoculars to possibly catch a glimpse of the action at The Boston Ballet from the cheap seats.  Duh, No-Brainer.



If you bring your family I highly suggest going to Giuseppe’s downstairs from the Annie,the food was fantastic, the service top notch and you can grab one of their specialty pizzas and a couple of kids meals and be out of there for under $50.

Here are some pics from our great night in GTown!

Dinner at Giuseppe’s-

Giuseppe’s Special Pizza

Chicken Fingers, the good kind

On To The Annie!


For more info check out the website-

Community Stuff Saturday

Salvation Army Notes From Da Godmuddah- Sefatia

Hello again,

As we approach the end of the year 2011 and we are thank full for what we have, there are some who are struggling, let me explain. I have been a volunteer for the Salvation Army Gloucester Unit now for almost 15 years, since I started at AGH 02/10/1997. Thur S/Army we have helped so many with different things, food, utilities, prescriptions, this year I have notice how the working class has no help, especially those who become sick but plan on returning to their jobs, so I took it a pond myself to approach the S/Army and ask if I can help Cancer Patients, if a person is doing chemotherapy or radiation etc and they are out on medical leave if they are the lucky ones will get short term disability 60% of their pay if partner takes a medical leave its no pay, their house hold expenses add up , there is not Food Stamps, Fuel Assistance, Masshealth or help at all, they are being penalized because they still have a job or because they have savings as small as it may be and they are living off of their savings. So what can the S/Army do they approved for me to help these families, give them up to $300 food vouchers, help with utilities. Also we are going to help over 17 families up to again $300 per family for the Holidays, Great News, what I am asking is so far this has almost taken all of our Gloucester Unit budget $15,000 so far, so I am asking my friends if they want to donate and keep it local, yes all of your donation will remain here in Gloucester as long as you put in the memo.. GLOUCESTER UNIT… it all comes back to help our community, I have helped some from others, we made them Gloucester like the mother and baby both with cancer, unfortunately the baby passed away 12/13/11 but knowing we helped in a small way, its a little comfort so please its all tax deductible, if your in the giving spirt and you can then please do, if you want to donate anything else to these families like oil, etc please just let me know we would like to have someone say will match dollar for dollar in oil, or clothing or food, anything is a help, especially when there is no other help once again the WORKING CLASS has to pay but gets nothing back in return. Thank you for you time and forgive my long letter.

God bless Sefatia