Shopping Spree at Dawn

As the lunar eclipse began at dawn this morning there was also big time excitement up at the Market Basket at Gloucester Crossing. Michelle Bjorgen, winner of the Open Door Pantry 3 minute shopping spree was at the starting line at 6:30 AM. Brad, Bradley and Tori Bjorgen cheered as the shopping cart was filled while Julie LaFontaine Director of the Open Door and store manager Glenn Connors officiated.

All in all it was a fun start to the day and as we all left the store the full moon found an opening in the clouds so we could view the last lunar eclipse of 2011. (Anyone get a photo?)

About Paul Morrison & RD

Good Morning Gloucester reporter possessing the dangerous combination of a Press Pass and a Rubber Duck.
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4 Responses to Shopping Spree at Dawn

  1. Judith says:

    Hey, Paul. Maybe I’m wrong but I always thought that “kerfuffle” meant commotion but w/ a negative sense to it like agitation or like something goes wrong. Do you mean more like ballyhoo?

    • I always thought of kerfuffle as just a big commotion but upon looking it up I think it does lean more negative. Since it was the most excitement I have witnessed before dawn and I mean that in the most positive way I will edit it. Although ballyhoo might fit, to me, that’s just good baitfish. Maybe I’ll just change it to excitement. Rubber Duck sure was excited.

  2. My wife said she posted on facebook she got about $750.00 dollars worth of goods! what a deal

  3. no lunar eclipse here. maybe had to be a further west.

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