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Placing Jennifer Aniston as The Hottest Woman of All Time Is Ridiculous

Mens Health magazine names Jennifer Aniston as the world’s all time sexiest woman and I have no idea whatsoever kind of crack they were smoking at the time they came up with this.

I’m not saying she’s unattractive at all but when you’re gonna put out the “all time world’s hottest woman” you lose all credibility in my eyes when you go with America’s sweetheart.

When you say sexy you think- Marilyn Monroe, Salma Hayek, Raquel Welch, Ardriana Lima, you don’t put up some skinny ass broad with no curves. 



Men’s Health=zero credibilty.


Gingerbread Houses @ City Hall Photo Kathy Chapman

Gingerbread House judge Barbara Catalini of Gloucester’s Cakes by Barbara. Barbara has been a cake decorator and instructor for 25 years and has judged these competitions for several years. She says she is always amazed at the quality and creativity of work.

Pictured here is "Santa on the Roof" by Pamela Basso. She won first place in the 19+ (and never-made-a-Gingerbread-House-before) category.

Photo © Kathy Chapman 2011


Congrats Judy Harris – Leaman Landscaping Christmas Tree Giveaway Winner!

We want to offer a big congratulations to the winner of the Christmas Tree Giveaway, Judy Harris! We would also like to thank Dan Leaman of Leaman Landscaping for giving away such a great prize this week.

There are still a lot of great looking trees for sale at his spot across from the Causeway Restaurant. We just picked ours out today!

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