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Save The Date For The GMG Christmas Party December 17th & GMG Holiday Gifts



I’m springing for the Sebastians Pizza, bring a jug of booze or some beer, we will have cups and ice and we’re gonna have a good time.

It’s been an incredible year of highs for the team, between our killer Fiesta coverage, taking home CBS  Boston’s Best Blog award, the success at the GMG Gallery Khan Studio at Rocky Neck, just killing all the local coverage between the fishing, downtown, business and arts community, helping some locals earn special recognition and oh so much more, it is now time to come together and celebrate all the goodness that we’ve collectively been able to do- TOGETHER!

I’ll have “This is Gloucester DVD’s there if you want to buy one (or ten), EJ and Sharon will have their calendars there as well.

I’ll also brig a large stack of the new black Stickas to pass out.

Order Joey’s This Is Gloucester DVD By Clicking Here

Order Sharon’s Cape Ann Wall Calendar Here

Order EJ’s Babson Boulders Calendars Here and Gloucester Fisherman Calendar Here

Order Vickie Van Ness’s Celebrate Gloucester Music DVD Here

Linda Klein Has Some Nice Things To Say

From Minnesota to Gloucester

Hello from Stillwater, Minnesota.  My daughter attended Emerson College in Boston, and when I visited her and rented a home on Salt Island Road in Gloucester, I fell in love with your city.  She graduated in 2009, but ever since that first trip in 2005, I have rented the house for one week every year.  December 11 to 19 is my week for this year, and I am very excited. 
I follow GMG every day and vicariously pretend that I am truly a "resident" and know all the people in the stories and photos.  I am a writer (mostly about cancer care) and would like to visit the Writer’s Center when I am there.  After years of writing non-fiction, I am finally at work on a novel …. and its setting is …. Gloucester. 
I was especially touched by your story commemorating the 10 year anniversary of the loss of the Starbound.  When I saw the photo of the freighter that hit them, my heart sank.  I have watched these ships come into the harbor in Duluth, MN, from across the Great Lakes and cannot imagine seeing one of them coming toward me.  My grandfather was a fisherman in Sweden and Finland before emigrating to America.  I am drawn to these stories. 
I was also touched when you paid homage to the folks at the facility where your Dad is living.  I lost my mom to Alzheimers after she lived for 9 years in just such a place.  I know how difficult it is.
Thanks for indulging my babbling, and I hope to meet you when I am there.  Would it be terribly brash to stop in and spend some time at your Christmas party on Saturday night?  For one night, I could pretend to be "one of you." 
Warm regards,
Linda Klein, Town Clerk
May Township

Joey writes:

Linda of course you are invited to come hang with us.  Any FOB is and from what you’ve written you sure as hell qualify as a FOB!

Harmeling Physical Therapy Tip of the Month

Tip of the Month: December

Although this has been a “balmy” November, we all know that the snow and ice is just around the corner.
According to statistics, 80% percent of slips and falls are due to snow and ice with more than 50 percent occurring between 6 a.m. and noon.  (

With this in mind, here are a few exercises to improve your balance before those cold winter mornings come along:


1.    Stand with one foot in front of the other (heel to toe), hold this position for as long as you can without looking at your feet.  Repeat x10


2.    Slowly march in place bringing your knees as high as they can go. Key is SLOW march. Repeat x30 lifts on each leg

3.    Stand on one leg. Hold as long as you can. Repeat x10.


4.    Fold a bath towel into a large square.  Stand with feet touching and shift weight onto your toes, back to your heels and side to side SLOWLY. Practice this for 3-4 minutes


5.    Walk heel to toe down a hallway, using the walls for support if needed

Have a safe and slip-free winter! 

To find out more about Harmeling Physical Therapy please visit .  Our Gloucester clinic is located at:
Blackburn Industrial Park
8 Blackburn Center
(978) 283-0888

Sheela Zerilli, DPT

Felcia’s Beautiful Christmas Party

Felcia’s Christmas Party (Ladies Only!) -with a brief appearance by son BJ and husband

Warm and welcoming ~ beautiful home, beautiful decor and decorations, wonderful company, and fabulous refreshments ~ The wine glasses (see photo below) were given to each guest and were hand painted by Felicia and Joey’s mom, Pat.

The guests included family and friends and it was wonderful to meet several mother-daughter pairs and mother-in-law and daughter-in-law pairs. Next year Felicia is planning to combine her annual Christmas ladies only party with creating boxwood trees with a fundraiser. I am sure she will pull it off beautifully and with great style!  Click the last photo to see a slide show.

Click the last photo to see a slideshow.

Christmas Tree Giveway Question 3 @ gimmesound

Do you have your tree Yet?
If Not pay attention!  Christmas Tree Giveaway
sponsored by Dan Leaman Landscaping.

You know the rules. The first person to submit the correct answers to the Christmas trivia on Friday wins any tree they want from Dan Leaman’s Tree World.  Good Luck!

And don’t forget the great live music in town tonight.  Listen to Allen Estes.

U.S.S. Gloucester

 Gunship U.S.S. Gloucester, Gloucester Harbor, 1898 Anonymous/©Fredrik D. Bodin
U.S.S. Gloucester, with forward 6 pounder gun Naval Historical Center
As the Spanish American War (April 25  August 12, 1898) loomed, the United States Navy started beefing up the Atlantic Fleet. One vessel they purchased was financier J.P. Morgan’s former yacht Corsair II, for $225,000.Corsair, built in 1891, was steel hulled, 204 feet long and cruised at 17 knots (20 mph). The ship was not armored, but the Navy outfitted her with four 6 pounder guns, four  3 pounder guns, and two Gatling machine guns. In just over two months, Gloucester saw action fighting in the decisive Battle of Santiago, Cuba and helped capture the ports of Guanica, Ponce, and Arroyo in Puerto Rico. She received a Navy commendation and world wide fame for fighting these battles.
Among the volunteers on the Gloucester was writer and poet Carl Sandburg, who wrote in his diary: “July 25, 1898 – Sighted Porto Rico early in morning (Exciting stuff) while Gloucester entered harbor at Guanica and threw shells around vicinity. We could see regulars advance across field, cut down wire fence with machetes.” After the war with Spain, the U.S.S. Gloucester cruised the Eastern seaboard, calling on many ports, including Gloucester, Massachusetts.
U.S.S. Gloucester in Gloucester Harbor printed from the original 4×5 inch glass negative in my darkroom. Image #9145-380

U.S.S. Gloucester at anchor from a Naval Historical Center stereograph card.

Fred Bodin
Bodin Historic Photo
82 Main Street
Gloucester, MA 01930

Sista Felicia’s Sugar Cranberries Recipe on The Gloucester Times Taste of The Times


To Felicia Mohan these sugared cranberries are something that she places along with nuts all around her holiday house. She says that they are “Where sweet meets tart, and a family favorite.”
The first thing you have to do is sort a bag of cranberries by removing any that are bruised or overripe, setting aside. Heat 2 cups of water and 2 cups of sugar to make a simple syrup. Place the cranberries in the heated syrup and place in the refrigerator overnight. The cranberries are going to become slightly soft and some may even split open.
The next day strain your cranberries and place them in a pie dish filled with superfine sugar and roll around until well covered. Remove them carefully with a wire mesh ladle so that you do not disturb them very much. The less you touch them the better they will look.

Click here to read or print out the recipe at the Gloucester Daily Times Taste of The Times

Fort Square Café Features Holiday Gifts In Addition To Fantastic Food and Sparkling Conversation!

As I’ve stated ad nauseum there is no where I’ve ever been that has as many incredible breakfast joints as we have here.  So to be in business in Gloucester serving breakfast you have to be special.

…and the Fort square Café is just that- very special.  With Rusty making EVERYONE feel welcome the way only he can work a room to Heidi’s incredibly creative menu (yesterday she was making peppermint cheesecake) the food is always outstanding.

If you want to get a real feel for the people of this town just belly on up to the breakfast counter and let the master of ceremonies Rusty entertain you while Heidi works her magic at the helm of the kitchen.


Soooo good!

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